Rhinitis is a rather unpleasant symptom, which is often a precursor to colds or SARS. It is a misconception that the common cold does not need to be treated, and that in a couple of days it will pass on its own. Well, if it really passes on its own, and if not? Prolonged rhinitis can cause inflammation of the paranasal sinuses - sinusitis, sinusitis and even inflammation of the middle ear (otitis). We decided to understand what to do with the common cold to avoid such complications.

From a medical point of view, there is no cure for the common cold. After all, what is a cold? The vast majority is a viral infectious disease of the upper respiratory tract. As a result, the mucous membrane of the respiratory tract becomes inflamed, which manifests itself in the form of runny nose, pharyngitis, sneezing.

To date, drugs that effectively affect the causative agents of colds do not exist. Therefore, the main task of each person should be no further treatment of symptoms of the disease, prevention of colds.

"Cold" on the face in the form of itchy blisters can ruin a whole week of your life, causing a lot of discomfort and lowering your self-esteem. Our site will tell you how to cure cold sores on the lips to get rid of this little catastrophe in the shortest possible time.

We go on diets, do fitness, try to match fashion, and all in order to look beautiful. But beauty is, first of all, health. If there is a disease in the body, it will not look attractive.

Even "invisible" external diseases of the internal organs make themselves felt. Faded complexion, dull eyes, premature aging - all this can be the result of hidden diseases and does not give us beauty. What to say about such a noticeable disease as varicose veins.

Many women face the problem of swollen feet. This is especially true in the summer. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, there is pain and burning in the area of swelling, and the appearance of swollen feet is not very aesthetic. What to do if your feet swell? First of all, deal with the causes of the problem.

How many hours a day do you think about your work on average? If this number is more than 10, it's time to see a psychotherapist. "Manager's disease" today has become an epidemic, and it affects not only managers but also so-called middle managers. Manager's syndrome (also called chronic fatigue syndrome) is experienced by those who seek professional and career growth, are afraid of losing their jobs and are "out of the game". Many do not even suspect that they are sick, and explain their perpetual employment as "love of work."

It is already accepted according to the laws of nature that one should sleep at night and work during the day. And it is highly recommended not to break this law, because otherwise we risk insomnia. It is those people who work on duty (doctors, taxi drivers, guards) most often suffer from insomnia. And lack of sleep is known to cause headaches and irritability.

Sometimes we can't sleep because the day was rich in emotions and problems. It is at night that everything should fall into place, but no - we turn around and think about how to overcome insomnia.

"He is depressed" - this is often how we assess the state of inner depression of a loved one. And as a rule, we do not admit to ourselves that we got into its network. However, in both cases we run the risk of being deceived with the diagnosis. Depression is a disease that loves to play cat and mouse with us.