How to fight insomnia

It is already accepted according to the laws of nature that one should sleep at night and work during the day. And it is highly recommended not to break this law, because otherwise we risk insomnia. It is those people who work on duty (doctors, taxi drivers, guards) most often suffer from insomnia. And lack of sleep is known to cause headaches and irritability.

Sometimes we can't sleep because the day was rich in emotions and problems. It is at night that everything should fall into place, but no - we turn around and think about how to overcome insomnia.

How to fight insomnia? Preparing for sleep

Get used to getting ready for bed about an hour and a half before you go to bed. And try to avoid problems, and instead of "chewing" all the bad things that happened during the day, remember only the good.

If a problem persists, tell yourself, "I'll think about it tomorrow!" Or "I'll deal with this problem later!" And switch mentally to something else. An interesting way out of this situation is offered by psychologists: they advise to write on a piece of paper everything that worries you, fold and lock in a box or drawer on the table.

A walk before going to bed helps to fall asleep peacefully. If the weather is not good, read a book (not a detective story, but better poems), listen to calm music or watch a melodrama.

How to fight insomnia? Relaxation

It is believed that we cannot fall asleep due to muscle tension. Therefore, another way to combat insomnia is muscle relaxation. Pay attention to small children - they yawn and stretch before bed, and we, as if with age, forget about it.

Exercise to combat insomnia № 1. Doll.

Stand up straight, feet shoulder-width apart. Freely lower your head to your chest, tilt your body slightly forward so that your arms hang freely. Close your eyes and begin to sway slightly from side to side like a doll. Do this until you feel relaxed.

Exercise to combat insomnia № 2. Pulls.

Lie on your back, arms outstretched along the body. Squeeze your hands and pull your feet (without lifting your legs!), And when you reach maximum tension, stay for a couple of seconds and slowly spread your toes. Relax. Repeat this exercise to combat insomnia about 8 times.

Exercise to combat insomnia № 3. I crawl under the fence.

Imagine you need to crawl under a fence. Do all movements very slowly, as if afraid of scratching or getting dirty. Repeat the exercise 4 times, and then take a warm bath for 15 minutes. How else can you fight insomnia?

Not everyone has universal advice to count sheep. If you still can't close your eyes on 200-300 sheep, get out of bed, walk around the apartment, drink a glass of warm milk, read or knit. At the same time drive all thoughts of insomnia, and then she will disappear, and you will be drawn into a sweet dream ...

If you are always used to reading a book, taking a bath, changing into pajamas or planning the next day before going to sleep, do not treat these procedures lightly. Performing this daily ritual of going to sleep, imagine how after a bath you will climb into your warm and soft bed and fall asleep sweetly ...

Also pay attention to such small things as the comfort of the bed, whether you are warm under the blanket, whether it is cold in the room, whether it is dark enough, whether there is no annoying ticking of the clock, etc.

A few more little things to fight insomnia

* Ventilate the bedroom before bedtime

* Do not drink coffee or strong tea 2-3 hours before bedtime

* It is better to drink a glass of warm milk or tea with jasmine. Use filters to purify water to make tea tastier and healthier.

* Try to go to bed always at the same time, and preferably just when you want to sleep.

* If the neighbors are making noise behind the wall, buy earplugs

* Do not sleep in a stuffy room

* Use the bed only for sleep or sex