The tradition of decorating homes arose almost simultaneously with the emergence of housing itself. For example, 200 years BC. in China they invented rice paper and began to paste it on the walls. Today, there are thousands of options for wall coverings, but still decorating the premises with wallpaper remains the easiest and most popular way.

A small bath today is not such a rare phenomenon. Modern apartments do not have as much free space as we would like. And the bath is no exception. How to make a small bathroom design stylish and modern? What to pay attention to in the first place, carrying out repairs in this place.

The living room is the heart of the house. Almost all family members spend time in it, and each of them wants comfort. Therefore, the living room should be cozy, do not decorate it in an overly strict style. Classic and oriental designs are most often used, country and modern are also good.

Classic style involves the symmetry of the location of furniture, lighting, interior items. This living room is decorated in light and soft pastel colors.

A person is constantly in a hurry, solves some cases and completely forgets about his own vacation. Coming home, if you still have enough strength, then just to take a shower. It helps to relax and forget for a moment about all the problems. And even better, if there is enough time to take a bath. With foam, sea salt, rose petals .... Since for a person the bathroom, in fact, is one of the favorite places in the house, then its design should be such that both the eye is happy and the mood rises. How to create a stylish bathroom design? A similar question is asked by everyone who has decided to renovate this room.

How to care for dishes? This question is sooner or later asked by every housewife. And how to care for a variety of utensils. We will try to answer these questions in this small but informative article. Following these rules, you can extend the life of your assistants in the kitchen.

Glamor is a lifestyle, and life is known to be a multifaceted concept. If you really want to be stylish, it is not enough to choose the right clothes and cosmetics. Style should be in everything, including the interior design of your apartment.

What are the characteristics of a glamorous interior?

We strive to make our home beautiful, we take the choice of furniture, interior design very seriously, we buy various decor elements, forgetting about the less visible but very important part of our house - the bed.