Women's coat models: what's in fashion?

Most of the time of year is occupied by spring and autumn days. A full summer with the scorching sun and ice cream flies so fast that you do not have time to hide warm clothes in the farthest closet. That is why much attention is paid to spring and autumn clothes, because it is, in fact, and form an opinion about our taste in clothing.

This is especially true of the fairer sex. And it is worth noting that recently a full-fledged place in women's wardrobes has returned women's coats, removing from there once relevant down jackets and jackets. But what do we know about coats? What are they like? So, let's get acquainted with what kind of women's outerwear will be relevant this season on the example of the range of the company "Sharp Rose".

Double-breasted coats are still relevant this season. Models of this cut support the interest in women's fashion to the style of "military", and this year it is still close to the real prototypes of the ancient military uniform (uniform, for example). Slowly but surely, the cage and animal coloring are becoming fashionable.

The unmistakable purchase option is a short women's coat with a length above the knee. This coat allows you to emphasize the beauty of women's legs with boots or high boots. And in general, this model is becoming a fashion hit of 2012-2013, thanks to the efforts and attention of most famous and reputable designers.

Long coats in the new season are not so popular, which gives them some exclusivity. For Ukraine, such coat models are not very practical, but not all women can resist the urge to completely immerse their appearance in the halo of romance.

But the coat of medium length (knee-length, usually fitted) - is a universal and popular option for Russian women. Versatility lies in the wide choice of accompanying clothing - from boots to skirts of different lengths.
Plow coats became a novelty that immediately caught the attention of Ukrainian women. These are models without buttons, made on the principle of bathrobes - fixed only with a belt or belt.

Now for the rest of the trends. All the same relevant for women in Ukraine fitted models (emphasize the beautiful waist) and a trapeze coat (fashionable in the late nineties, now returning to the industry).

It is very difficult to find a place where you can buy a quality coat, without overpaying resellers and getting guarantees. We already have your favorite model of women's outerwear - all you have to do is choose it in the "Sharp Rose" catalog.