How to use a sling?

Modern young mother must have time to do everything: cook, wash, clean the house, go shopping, and pay attention to the baby. Agree that to do it with a stroller, it is extremely difficult, and on hands of the kid too you do not bear for a long time: both the back gets tired, and hands are constantly occupied. You can make your life easier with the help of a simple, straightforward and extremely convenient device - a sling. This is the so-called bandage, which began to be used many centuries ago. In order to feel all its benefits, you need to know how to use a sling. There is nothing complicated in this, but you still have to get used to and train. The most common are sling scarf and sling with rings.

 We learn to dress

So, you need to start using the sling by reading the instructions. Next you need to move on to training. It is necessary to train not on the child, and on any doll or a soft toy. It will be very good if there is a person among the acquaintances who knows how to use a sling and can show everything. But if this is not the case, then dad should be involved in training.

An extra two hands will never hurt.

The sling should be provided in such a way that the pillow rests on the shoulder and the pocket and straps are in front. Straighten the pillow under the rings, you need to lay the inner side, as if "hugging yourself". Next, the sling must be straightened across the width. The design of any sling is symmetrical, so it can be worn on any shoulder. The edges of the flap are not sewn, so they can be adjusted in different ways, independently of each other.

When the stage of training has passed successfully, and finally managed to master the technique, you can proceed to the most important thing: adapting the baby to the sling. It is better to do this when the child is at rest, for example, he just woke up. Usually children quickly get used to this design, but some have to drive longer.

Here's a little trick: when a baby is planted in a sling, he should be offered a breast so that he feels safe. It is necessary to make sure that the child acquires the correct position in the sling. Yes, very young children should take the position of the "wheel", and only as the child grows in the sling can be given other positions. If you follow the instructions, the use of the sling will be just a joy.

Basic methods of using a sling

Using a sling is very convenient, you can redo a lot of things while the child enjoys physical contact with his mother. But to make this convenience even greater, various methods of wearing a sling were invented. Here are some of them:

  • Cradle - a child in a sling lies in the same way as in a cradle. Convenient for rocking and feeding the baby. To make a cradle out of a sling, you need to release one strap more freely.
  • Horizontally - the baby fits on the diagonal of the sling, and the fabric under the weight of the child is stretched, taking a horizontal position.
  • Kangaroo bag - in this position you can only carry those babies who are already holding their head confidently. The child sits in his pocket with his back to the mother, formed of fabric, while his legs are folded in Turkish.
  • On the thigh - a good option for those kids who already know how to sit. In this position, the baby should be placed in a sling so that one of his legs was on his back, and the other - on his mother's stomach.
  • Vertical position - the baby sits on the bottom edge of the sling, like a flower bowl. The baby's tummy should be at the level of the mother, and the head - at the level of her breast.