A gift for a rich man: what to give?

A holiday is a joy. It does not matter who is to blame for the celebration, you or a person close to you. The main thing is that there is a reason to meet, have fun, give or receive gifts ... If the "receive" usually does not cause problems, the "gift" sometimes brings a headache. What to choose, how to present?

It is especially difficult to choose a worthy gift for a rich person. You can't give a cheap thing. You don't always have enough money for the road. And if the situation with rich women is easier, then choosing what to give to a rich man is a serious problem.

Direct question

The easiest thing that comes to mind is to directly ask the culprit of the celebration what he would like to receive as a gift. However, such an approach will not always succeed. Most men will answer that you do not need anything, or joked in the spirit of "My best gift is you."

If a man replied that he would like to receive a certain thing as a gift, no special imagination is needed: buy what you want, take care of good packaging. And to make the gift a surprise, think about how and with what words you give it. This will be the "highlight" of your greeting.

Really the best gift!

Let's return to the phrase from the famous cartoon quoted above. If you have a relationship, maybe you should not suffer for a long time the question of what to give a rich man? His best gift is yourself

The celebration is celebrated together. Flowers, candles, scented lamps, champagne in a bucket of ice - in short, all the attributes of a romantic evening alone. Clothes at least. Feelings maximum. The holiday promises to be very successful!

And if you give a rich man a "handmade" gift?

A man can be rich as he pleases, but gifts made with his own hands are always valued higher than purchased luxury. Assess your skills: cross-stitch, richelieu, knitting, decoupage, macrame, wood carving, metal forging (there are some girls).

Think about what a man is interested in or interested in. Do you like hunting or fishing? Thick warm socks, a scarf or a hand-knit sweater will come in handy!

Such a traditional gift can be given exclusivity by placing a thematic pattern on the product. For example, an image of a fisherman or a hunter. Our grandmothers did not know how to do this, limiting themselves to colorful stripes in the form of jewelry. In the age of computer technology, you can choose and model any pattern.

An alternative to a gift made with your own hands is a thing made by hand by another master. Exclusive handwork is always appreciated.

Give your creativity

Do not forget that you can give a rich man your work: a poem, song, painting, sculpture or art photography. It doesn't matter if you are a famous master or still taking the first steps on the path to beauty. Everyone will be happy if they are immortalized in art.

You can give a rich man not only a thing!

Who said that a gift can only be a material thing? In recent years, it has become fashionable to give people ... adventures! Hot air balloon ride, parachute jump, role play ...

Lots of options. Some companies offer people who are tired of constantly making money and thinking about money to be ... homeless for a few days! Everything is absolutely serious. Without money, without documents, without a mobile phone, yesterday's businessman went on a tour of the city's sewers for a few days. At the same time a person gets much more adrenaline than when hunting lions. And useful life experience.

Of course, such services are not cheap. And you can't give this to everyone. Not everyone will agree to the extreme. But as a gift to a rich man, you should not ignore this direction.

We choose a gift by nature

Each person is individual. He has his weaknesses, hobbies, hobbies. Look at the culprit of the celebration. Maybe he, living in a house worth several million, retains a weakness for some things from his recent past? Such items are no longer given to him - not by status. So if you notice and guess a man's weakness, your gift will be most dear to him. Particularly sentimental to the "nostalgic" gifts of people whose childhood and adolescence were spent during the union.

You can play on other weaknesses. Is the man ambitious? Give him a star! Real, from heaven. There is such a service in the modern market of gift services.

Here is not a complete list of original and unforgettable gifts that can be given to a man, both rich and not so much. Connect your imagination!