How to decorate a table for the New Year

Autumn is in full swing. While she is still circling the leaves, stripping the trees naked, but very soon they will be covered by another garment - white fluffy snow .... And there is not far off and the New Year - always long-awaited, which promises fun and great trouble. Preparations for the most important holiday of the year begin long before its onset, and the last touch in it will be setting the New Year's table. In the originality of the decor, it is not inferior to the Christmas tree, so how to decorate the table for the New Year, you also have to think in advance. It only seems at first glance that the main thing for the New Year holiday - a richly set table with beautifully decorated dishes. In fact, its setting implies a lot of nuances and details that should be considered at least in order to provide a festive feast table a magical aura.

 Classics "dilute"

So, how to decorate a table for the New Year in an original way? Now, no matter what information sources you look for in the search for interesting ideas for setting a New Year's table, everywhere the main emphasis is recommended on the choice of colors for it. Well, we will not deviate from this important component of a beautiful holiday. Traditional for the New Year are white, silver, gold and various shades of red - from light pink to purple. We, in turn, offer to dilute these colors a bit and play with their shades, trying to decorate the table for the New Year with attributes in red-gold or white-silver combination. One of the options - napkin rings.
Cut 8x6 strips from a thick piece of red felt and cover them with toilet paper tubes cut into napkin rings (4 cm each).
Again, cut a funny figurine out of white felt (Santa Claus, a deer's face, a symbol of the coming year, etc.), cut the same figurine out of gold fabric and stick it on felt.
Attach the figure to the felt ring with two pins so that the heads of the pins play the role of the eyes of the person you cut.
Turn the napkin into a tube and with a pair of spruce twigs slip it into the napkin ring.

Don't forget to put a card with the guest's name next to it.

How to decorate a table for the New Year in the style of "eco"

Many are now going to celebrate the New Year in a boarding house. Practical and fashionable style "eco" is gaining popularity, but in order to decorate a New Year's table in this version, it is not necessary to leave the city apartment. Moreover, in urban conditions, serving and decorating in an ecological style will look more original. Just have to look for the main components of this style: cork, sanded wood, canvas and even straw. If this option seems a bit restrained for the holiday, it can be diluted with country style. The only thing to keep in mind is the danger of using candles in such a table setting. Of course, you can decorate the table for the New Year without their participation, but if you still want to fit the candles into the New Year's interior, it is better to give preference to those who swim. You can place candles in transparent vases, at the bottom of which are placed flat glass balls.
Cover the table with a tablecloth of coarse unpainted linen. Pick up the same napkins for them, but preferably with embroidery.
Napkin rings can be made with a bundle of straw woven into neat pigtails. You can use just ordinary wooden rings.
Appliances with wooden handles that can be tied with thin ribbons in a country style - made of natural fabric with a cheerful color - will fit perfectly into such a table setting.

New Year and sushi. Japanese chants

Those who are fans of Japanese cuisine and not only it, should decorate the table for the New Year Japanese style. This table setting will be original because it has unusual strict colors for such a holiday - white or dark. However, the severity of the colors of the festive table will not suffer. All you need for its design are dark or white dishes of geometric shapes, wicker napkins, a silk scarf with a Japanese pattern, a large glass table.
Put a silk Japanese handkerchief (or just a handkerchief with a pattern similar to the Japanese style) on the table instead of a tablecloth. Cover the handkerchief with glass.
Make ikebana from rowan bunches and spruce twigs.
Starch flax napkins very well, iron and fold in the origami technique.
On the cards from the menu (or with the name of the invited guest) write the necessary information in ink for calligraphy and attach them to each device.

Purple romance

Are you planning a New Year's meeting together? Then you should think about how to decorate the table for the New Year in a romantic style. He - this style, interesting in that it allows you to deviate from the use of traditional colors in the decor, because tuned in for a romantic holiday better help shades of blue. In particular - purple, which is always "happy" to dilute white.
Cover the table with a pale purple satin tablecloth.
Place tall candles and Christmas balls of white or dark blue on it.
For napkin rings, use amethyst necklaces in white or purple.

Salads are best served in wide glasses or ice cube trays, and dark fruit and snow-white marshmallows are best placed in glass vases.

So, these are just a few of the interesting ideas that will help you decorate the table for the New Year in an unusual way. Now sold a lot of fun and interesting accessories for interior decoration. And not necessarily New Year's. By turning on your imagination, you can make your Christmas table interesting and completely unique. What we wish you!