Varicose veins during pregnancy

Varicose veins during pregnancy worries young women for good reason. What is varicose veins, what are its causes and how to deal with it.

Varicose veins during pregnancy occur in many women. If you notice blue streaks on your beautiful legs - this is varicose veins.

In an abandoned state, varicose veins look like swelling and significant swelling of the veins. Varicose veins are especially relevant in the second and subsequent pregnancies. To know how to fight varicose veins, you need to determine what it is.

The mechanism of varicose veins

The main indicator of healthy veins is their elasticity. During blood circulation, the veins constantly dilate and narrow. With circulatory disorders, the veins become weak and gradually lose their ability to contract. This in turn causes stagnation of blood in the veins, which further worsens the condition of the veins. As a result, in places of blood stasis, seals and swellings are formed. Thus, varicose veins are primarily a signal that blood circulation is impaired.

Causes of varicose veins during pregnancy

  • Varicose veins during pregnancy occur much more often than in normal women.
  • During pregnancy, there are significant hormonal changes in a woman's body, which changes the composition of blood and hematopoietic processes.
  • Increased blood flow to the location of the fetus, ie to the uterus.
  • The total load on the whole body of a pregnant woman increases, and on the legs in particular.
  • Sedentary and passive behavior during pregnancy, especially in the second half of pregnancy, does not help regulate blood circulation. Lack of oxygen has a negative effect on the general condition of pregnant women.

Prevention of varicose veins during pregnancy

  • To prevent varicose veins during pregnancy, try to lead an active lifestyle and move more.
  • For pregnant women, there are many special gymnastic programs that will help the expectant mother to be in shape and protect their legs from varicose veins. This does not mean that you have to constantly run and jump, but a few simple exercises a day will be very useful to you.
  • Breathe fresh air more often, saturating your body with oxygen. Regular trips to the forest can be a great way to prevent not only varicose veins, but also general boredom during pregnancy.
  • Forget about high-heeled shoes during pregnancy. High heels and in normal condition create an increased load on the legs, and for a pregnant woman they can cause serious problems. Buy shoes with flat soles, a large selection, for example, in the store Planet of Shoes.
  • Do preventive foot massage and rubbing. It is great if before the massage you spend a session of refreshing baths for your feet.
  • There is a special underwear for the prevention and treatment of varicose veins during pregnancy. These are elastic stockings, socks and tights.
  • This underwear pulls the legs and supports the veins, thus protecting them from destruction. If you feel very uncomfortable in tight underwear, you can
  • limit yourself to a tight bandage on your feet. Make such a bandage only on caviar.
  • Eat foods rich in vitamins. Vitamin P strengthens the walls of veins, vitamin E gives the veins elasticity, vitamin C improves the overall condition of the veins.

If varicose veins have already appeared, do not despair. Preventive measures will avoid further problems with blood vessels. At the same time, these measures will have a therapeutic effect.