New Year and pregnancy: how to spend the holiday?

New Year is a magic, a fairy tale, boundless happiness and hope for a bright future. And if this beautiful day fell on a happy period of waiting for the baby, then the expectant mother should think in advance how to celebrate the New Year. And if you think that a happy New Year and pregnancy - the concepts are not compatible, then you are very wrong.

Only positive emotions

The baby in the tummy is very emotionally receptive. Scientists have long proven that the child reacts sharply to any, even minor, change in the mood of the mother. He rejoices with his mother, and misses her. If you want to give birth to a healthy and happy baby, then surround yourself only with nice people, do your favorite things and avoid stress.

A pregnant woman on New Year's Eve should be only in the company she likes. If the husband insists on a visit to relatives with whom the expectant mother has not developed a relationship, it is better to postpone the trip.

The housewife is advised not to celebrate in noisy company or in a nightclub. In addition, loud music and an excess of vivid impressions of the mother can negatively affect the child. But if fun parties bring you pleasure, then, of course, you should not give them up.

Also, expectant mothers should not physically burden themselves. Do not arrange general cleaning on the eve of the holidays, and do not cook a dinner of several dozen dishes. If you are celebrating together with your husband, let him help you with cooking or be satisfied with a couple of salads and one hot dish. In the event that the company is expected to be not small, let other family members or friends take on all the hassles of preparing for the holiday. And the expectant mother needs more rest.

New Year and pregnancy. Can a mother-to-be drink?

A glass of champagne - a mandatory attribute of New Year's Eve. Can a pregnant woman drink alcohol? Of course not. Drink with a degree is sure to get to the baby. Alcohol easily passes through the placenta. The consequences can be dire.

But do not be afraid if you have once afforded yourself a glass of beer or plan to celebrate the New Year with a glass of champagne. The risk of giving birth to a child with a serious pathology is high only in women who regularly drink alcohol. A pregnant woman in the New Year can afford a couple of sips of champagne. Sip a sparkling drink under the chimes, and the rest of the time drink water, juices or compotes.

If the New Year fell on the first trimester of pregnancy, it is better to give up alcohol altogether. It is during this period that the active development of the fetus takes place and all internal organs are bookmarked.

New Year and pregnancy. Holiday menu for a woman in position

The New Year's table is traditionally full of salads with mayonnaise, fried meat, smoked sausage and fish. All this, of course, is very tasty, but also insanely harmful. Even a non-pregnant woman or a perfectly healthy man after a meal can feel unwell. Heaviness in the stomach, pain in the right hypochondrium, shortness of breath suggest that you ate too much. It is difficult to deny yourself your favorite dishes, but you need to think about the baby.

The future mother's diet includes vegetables, fruits, boiled meat, cereals. But smoked and fried will definitely not help. You can make holiday dishes less harmful. For example, season salads with mayonnaise instead of mayonnaise. Meat can be baked instead of fried. Do the New Year without slicing sausage and smoked meat.

And of course, do not move. Contrary to popular belief, a pregnant woman should not eat for two. Filling her stomach to the limit, a pregnant woman on New Year's Eve will simply ruin her holiday. First, after a hearty dinner he falls asleep. Secondly, you may feel bad, because the enlarged uterus presses on all internal organs, and this can cause discomfort and even abdominal pain.

Elegant future mother

If your tummy is no longer small, then you have to buy a suitable holiday dress. Fortunately, there is no shortage of goods on store shelves now. In addition, pay attention to shops for pregnant women, where you can choose a dress that fits comfortably tummy. Pregnant for the New Year should be beautiful.

And what about hair and makeup? Probably, your grandmothers have already scared you about the consequences of dyeing and cutting hair for pregnant women. It is possible and necessary to cut a pregnant woman's hair if the hairstyle requires it. All these prejudices have nothing to do with reality. But painting and the truth can harm the baby. Hair dye contains many toxic substances that can pass through the placenta. If you have already decided to change your hair color for the New Year or refresh the existing one, then consider a few points:

  • Apply the paint, departing a few millimeters from the roots. Then harmful components will not penetrate the skin.
  • Toxic substances can also enter the bloodstream through the respiratory tract. After coloring your hair, it would be good to walk for a few hours, then you will clear your lungs of all the damage.
  • Choose paint without ammonia.
  • It is better to use natural dyes (henna, basma) or tinted shampoos.

Bright New Year and pregnancy - do not exclude each other concepts. You can spend the holiday the same way you did before pregnancy. Just surround yourself with loved ones and pleasant emotions - your baby will love it.