What promotes easy childbirth? Simple tips to facilitate childbirth

Most often, pregnant women are worried about how the birth will take place. Most afraid of pain and, of course, various complications. I have often heard the opinion that caesarean section is much better. It turns out that anesthesia and surgery are less scary than the natural physiological process! So it is associated with pain and it is almost inevitable. However, the expectant mother can affect the birth process and make it more or less painful.

Let's consider simple rules, the observance of which will reduce unpleasant sensations during the birth of a baby. What is an "easy birth"? These are: a) childbirth with minimal medical intervention, b) no more and no less than expected, c) as painless as possible and, of course, d) end with the birth of a healthy baby.

Be prepared

Preparation for childbirth begins in early pregnancy. However, women often put it off until they want to think about the inevitable. The first tip: gather information! The more you know, the more confident you will feel. There is special literature, childbirth training courses, and finally information on the Internet. It is best to know all the periods of childbirth, their duration, as well as the rules of conduct in a given situation. I can recommend a wonderful book "Your child from birth to 2 years", its authors - the couple William and Martha Sears. This is the most complete and (which is very important!) Based on their own, past experience, which has a separate chapter, tells about the psychological training of the expectant mother, breathing and body position during childbirth, etc.

Control the situation

Often women are completely removed from the birth process, completely trusting themselves to doctors and obstetricians. Like, do with me what you want - it's your job. No no and no! Childbirth is a job for the mother herself. You need to set yourself up for active participation in this process, not to present yourself as a passive object over which obstetricians "conjure". It is in your best interest to minimize medical intervention. This does not mean that it should be abandoned altogether: childbirth should take place only under the supervision of specialists. But you need to know at least the periods of birth and their duration, so as not to suffer from the questions: "What's next?" Etc.

Outside during childbirth

The most painful part of childbirth is contractions. Some people find it easier to survive them lying down, but more often than not, mothers prefer to walk, squat, in short, to show some physical activity. Active behavior allows the mother to distract a little from the unpleasant sensations and, at the same time, helps to expand the cervix, pelvis and perineal muscles. During contractions, a woman takes a position in which she is comfortable. Childbirth in our country is most often practiced with the traditional position of lying on your back, which has long been criticized in modern medicine as unnatural for childbirth. Of course, you do not argue with doctors, but if possible, discuss possible options for posture, for example, it is believed that the knee-elbow position is much more physiological.

Master the technique of proper breathing

During a fight it is best to breathe slowly and deeply, mentally imagining a rolling and receding wave. In the intervals between contractions, breathing should be natural and calm. In trains, when the fetal head appears, you need to breathe intermittently and often. This facilitates the advancement of the fetus and minimizes the risk of rupture of the birth canal. It is best to learn special training courses to learn proper breathing techniques. Don't waste time on it - mastering the technique of proper breathing is worth it! The sooner you start training, the better, because experience comes with practice.

Stay in shape

How severe the pain will be during childbirth largely depends on the general physical condition of the expectant mother. Sedentary lifestyle leads to muscle weakness, reduced tissue elasticity, etc. Therefore, during pregnancy, be sure to do gymnastics (but very carefully!) Or walk more, swim in the pool. Self-massage of the lower back is an effective way to reduce pain during contractions - try to master its technique during pregnancy.

To eat or not to eat?

One month before childbirth, it is advisable to limit the consumption of meat, replacing it with plant foods. It is a vegetarian diet that helps increase tissue elasticity! Most likely during the contractions you will not be allowed, because the stomach must remain empty in case of emergency surgery. But still take with you a little fruit or a small bar of chocolate, if you are really hungry - eat what is called "sniff". After all, childbirth lasts more than one hour and to fill the spent energy with something you need! During childbirth, the body is severely dehydrated, which can adversely affect the condition of the child. Drink water or herbal teas as needed.

Talk to your baby! Remember: you two.

It is believed that loud screaming during childbirth and contractions can scare the baby. After all, he hears everything perfectly, he already has a hard time (he goes into obscurity, feeling literally cosmic overload). Try to make childbirth easier for yourself and your baby. You can talk to him, sing songs, the baby should feel that everything is fine and he is not alone.