How to inform your loved ones about pregnancy?

You will have a child. This news will not remain a secret for long. In the very near future, you will tell about it to your loved ones and, in fact, the "culprit" of the celebration - a loved one, a future dad. How to present it so as not to shock? For a man, even one who loves you and wants children, this is still shocking news. Remember your first reaction. Even if you are a little afraid of his reaction, do not forget that he must be the first to hear this news from you! And the faster the better!

How to tell a man?

You can report the news by phone. By the time a man gets home, he will have time to digest the information, to think about everything. And the initial shock will pass. You will be able to discuss everything more constructively. If you want to watch his reaction to such a message, and you decided to talk about pregnancy in person, then, having said, give him time to change his mind. Get used to the news. Do not expect instant stormy joy and jumping to the ceiling. This happens only in tearful series. Your husband will still show himself during pregnancy. By his actions he will show his true attitude to the current situation. Don't ask questions that don't pull it off. Tell me, and then mysteriously and silently wait. He will either start rejoicing or ask questions.

But he will not be silent, believe me.

If you are afraid of a possible negative reaction of a man to the news of the child, you can do so. Download the Internet or buy a CD with a themed movie. Something about pregnancy, about babies. And ask to watch it ("I was so advised to watch, such a good movie!"). And in the process of watching, watch his reaction. How do he look at babies? For a pregnant woman? And at the end of the viewing report on the unborn child.

You can, of course, at the moment when you just began to suspect pregnancy, tell him that you may be pregnant. But you're not sure. What to buy a test and then go to the doctor. Let him share your experiences. By the time you're sure, he'll be a grandfather in his mind. Besides, the news that you are already sure of pregnancy will not shock him so much.

As one of the options: you can put a pregnancy test (of course, with two strips) in the forefront. Or pack in a gift box. Well, if the nose of the holiday. You can add this to the main gift. Well, if the holidays are not expected, we can say that I decided to make him a gift just like that, for no reason. Arrange a stunning surprise!

But whichever way you choose, do it either on the weekend or in the morning. In short, when he is not tired and exhausted. And rested in a good mood. That's when you can expect a stormy positive reaction from him!

How to inform parents?

As soon as you tell your loved one about your pregnancy, you will need to tell your parents the news. If you have a friendly family - you can not worry, they will only be happy for you. Mom will remember how she was pregnant, dad will tell a couple of stories to his son-in-law. Things are different if the relationship between you and your parents is not very friendly, but tense. Then it may make sense not to tell them anything for at least the first three months.

Whatever their reaction, don't argue or swear. Just give your arguments in favor of the fact that you are ready to take responsibility for the life of the newborn. Say you've already decided. In any case, do not be nervous and do not shout - it is extremely harmful in your situation!

The next people to learn about the approaching event are likely to be his parents. Here, of course, should also be done depending on your relationship with mother-in-law and father-in-law. If you are sure that they will be happy and support you in this decision, you can safely please them. But if you doubt that the news will be good for them - put this mission on the future dad. After all, it's his parents, and you don't have to worry too much.

If you have close relatives with whom you also want to share the joy, then here, depending on the circumstances, you can tell them the news by phone, personally to everyone. And you can gather a family dinner - and tell at once and all at the table. You can ask your husband to take a picture of the moment when you tell about the future child or shoot on video.

You can not say anything to other relatives before the birth. It's just your desire with your husband and your choice. And those who are offended later, we can say that you believe in omens, and decided not to report anything before the birth (besides, maybe it really is).

How to tell children?

And, of course, you will need to tell the news to your older children, if you have them. They are unlikely to be the last to know. If your children have been asking for a brother or sister for a long time, there will be no problems with reporting the news. But if the child has never talked about it, and you think that the news will not please him - tell him alone. And be sure to explain that you will not love him less. And what about the baby you can take care of together.

But no matter what, no matter how you inform your loved ones about the upcoming event, do not be nervous and do not worry! Your future baby feels everything! And he doesn't like it when his mother is sick! Love you! Healthy and happy children!