Beets during pregnancy

Nutrients, vitamins and microelements are necessary for nutrition during pregnancy. After all, the health of mother and child depends on proper nutrition. Vegetables contain the required amount of these substances. Beetroot is one of those vegetables that is very useful for pregnant women.

Composition and useful properties of beets

Beets contain sodium and calcium in the most beneficial ratio for the body. It contains vitamins A, B, C and PP, trace elements: magnesium, copper, phosphorus, potassium, iodine, iron and betaine. It is also a source of large amounts of fiber, carotenoids, flavonoids and such useful lutein.

The benefits of beets during pregnancy

Most importantly, beets help produce red blood cells. It can remove toxins from the body. Thanks to its juice, you can strengthen the immune system, normalize metabolism.

* Beet juice has antipyretic effect.
* Beets help improve the liver, gallbladder and kidneys.
* Boiled beets help improve intestinal function, have a diuretic effect on the body. It will help with constipation and will not harm the fetus.
* Beets contain folic acid, which can prevent even some birth defects in newborns.

Recommendations for the use of beets during pregnancy

* If the expectant mother suffers from urolithiasis, bladder and kidney disease, the amount of beets should be reduced.
* Useful in beets are not only roots but also leaves. Beet leaves also contain a large number of nutrients.
* During pregnancy, try to eat not only raw vegetables, but also vegetables subjected to short heat treatment. Raw vegetables should also be eaten in small quantities.
* Raw beet salad with nuts is useful for the future mother. The amount of raw beets should be determined in accordance with the individual tolerability of crude fiber by the expectant mother.
* Raw beets help to stimulate digestive processes. Stewed - is suitable if the digestive tract is weak.

Principles of beetroot cooking

To keep more useful vitamins and microelements in beets, try to bake them, steam them or stew them if you do not want to eat them raw. This will help retain mineral salts in it. When you cook beets, put it in water, try not to cover it completely with beets. Young beets are cooked for about 20 minutes.

Beetroot salad recipe for expectant mother's health

We make a salad of beets, which will help cleanse the blood. Finely grate beets and carrots, all in equal amounts. Cut the cabbage. Season the salad with unrefined sunflower oil, lemon juice or apple cider vinegar. You can decorate with red currants or cranberries.

If you need a lot of vitamin A, then you just can not do without beets. It is a source of nutrients and vitamins. Beets - a very useful vegetable, and during pregnancy will be indispensable.