Meet the boy's parents

One day the day will come when your young man will want to introduce you to his parents. No need to worry! Just don't worry and don't look for excuses so as not to meet your boyfriend's parents. Once he has decided so, then you are serious, and you need to treat the meeting very responsibly!

First, you do not need to deny your boyfriend to meet his parents. This can be offensive and unpleasant for him. Are you worried that his family will not like you?

Here are some tips for a good acquaintance with the boy's parents.

Meet the boy's parents. In advance:

Visit a hairdresser to update your haircut and coloring.

No need to buy a new dress specifically to meet the boy's parents. Wear what you feel confident in. And do not overdo it with jewelry.

Find out in detail about the boy's parents in detail, so as not to say too much during the conversation or not to touch on the topic of conversation, which is not accepted in this house. Communicate with your parents as you usually communicate. No need for fake smiles or excessive modesty. And yet: do not use in conversation the expressions you use to communicate on the Internet or ICQ - they just do not understand!

When meeting the boy's parents, behave restrainedly: do not show off kisses, just a simple kiss on the cheek.

Conversation during acquaintance:

Well, what can you talk about when meeting your boyfriend's parents? Of course, about his childhood, about his antics, hobbies and pets. You can prepare a story in advance about the funny incidents of your childhood. Also tell us about how you studied, a little about work and your hobby.

An acquaintance says: “When I met the boy's parents, I wasn't even worried. At first we talked about almost nothing, and then his mother turned to me and interrogated me, including details of my past personal life. I tried to speak in general phrases, but still, apparently, I did not approach her. That's why the relationship with the young man later broke down ... "

In this case, wait until the last! Translate the topic of conversation, be embarrassed, "forget" some details, otherwise, even if all goes well, having learned some detail of your life, the mother-in-law will certainly try to remind you of it.

A few more tips for a successful acquaintance with the boy's parents

Make a gift to the boy's parents. The best will be something made with your own hands - bake a cake, tie socks.

Offer to help his mother. Be polite and polite, but do not take the kitchen "fight", immediately climbing into each locker.

Be friendly, and recall everything good (if asked your opinion), but at least once carefully do not agree on any unprincipled issues: makeup, mini-skirts, a woman's career.

Also responds well to her boyfriend, not to mention his shortcomings.

In general, do not worry when meeting the boy's parents. The more natural you behave - the better!

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