How to keep distance in a relationship

When building a relationship, we strive to be as close to each other as possible. Meet more often, communicate more, open up to the maximum yourself and demand the same from your partner. The distance in the relationship is not observed, and for this reason there are many conflicts.

Why does close proximity interfere with mutual understanding? Why keep distance in a relationship? How to determine the boundaries of proximity?

Marital relations

For many, a stamp in a passport is like a bargain for a loved one. It is implied that the couple should have no secrets or personal time outside the family. Is this correct?

Practice shows that no. When living together, rubbing is inevitable. The situation is complicated if one of the spouses tries to control the other in everything.

Many find it difficult to understand and accept that a partner may have their own little secrets, desires, the need for solitude. Even if together you feel one, each of you needs loneliness, at least sometimes.

Keeping distance in a marital relationship is a real art. We must be able to give the necessary freedom to those around us and maintain our own self-sufficiency. By keeping your distance, you can avoid many family quarrels and conflicts.

Relationships with children

While the child is small, the distance is minimal. He considers his parents to be the highest authority and needs daily care. He drew a giraffe, met a girl next door in the yard, the child is abused in kindergarten - the mother learns everything first.

When they reach adolescence, children try to gain independence, first of all, from their parents. The process is very painful. Many parents do not recognize the teenager's right to freedom and continue unsuccessful attempts to take control of the situation. As a result - quarrels, scandals, mutual insults. Often - reckless acts that a teenager does just to defend their independence.

In this situation, it is better for parents to retreat, increasing the distance in the relationship. This will reduce the aggressiveness of the teen's behavior. And will allow him to learn to make decisions independently.

Communicate with friends

There is a strong friendship, both female and male. But here too distance is necessary. A friend can easily lead a man. But the less often she is at home, the less likely she is to do so. Friends can share your secrets, but only when they know.

Properly marked distance in the relationship will preserve personal independence and avoid situations that threaten betrayal and mutual insults.

How to learn to keep distance in a relationship?

Чоловіки інтуїтивно зберігають дистанцію, і в дружніх, і в інтимних відносинах. Невміння зберегти дистанцію у відносинах - традиційно жіноча проблема. Ми завжди готові повністю відкритися близькій людині, але і від нього вимагаємо того ж. Якщо він «ухиляється», підсвідомо застосовуємо до нього різні маніпуляційні техніки, аж до істерик чи демонстративного ігнорування.

Подібна поведінка - шлях до конфліктів, втрати взаємоповаги та довіри, а деколи - до повного розриву. Щоб цього не сталося, намагайтеся дотримуватися наступних правил:

  • It is not necessary to dissolve in the favorite without the rest. Otherwise you will subconsciously expect the same from him, and men are not capable of it. In addition, a woman should always remain a mystery, otherwise the partner will lose interest in you.
  • Even when communicating with your loved ones, remember that you are an independent and self-sufficient person.
  • Recognize people's right to have their own opinion.
  • Realize that in a close relationship there is no room for control and the desire to be constantly close to each other. True feelings are based on mutual respect for a partner's personal freedom.
  • Do not allow excessive familiarity when communicating with colleagues. This makes it easier to build a normal business relationship.
  • Do not be afraid of loneliness, marking the boundaries of your personal space. After all, the ability to feel and keep distance in a relationship - one of the main secrets of successful communication. The slower the distance between new acquaintances decreases, the more chances there are that they will not be disappointed. In addition, much is seen in the distance.

If you want to build a good relationship with your husband and children, have loyal friends, earn the authority of colleagues, learn to respect personal space: your own and other people's.

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