Does a woman need to hide her age?

- So how old are you, my child?

"Ah, many, sir, many — eighteen!"

From the film "D'Artagnan and the Three Musketeers"

The fact that women like to flirt with age, I was amused for a long time. It stopped when he realized that men are no better. Teenagers want to look older - show off drinking beer and smoking, older boys dress in strict suits and behave emphatically arrogant, and men in their thirties choose sneakers and change the briefcase for a backpack.

Both men and women are rarely satisfied with their age. The secret is simple - people are interested in inventing an ideal age and try to meet it both externally and internally. The main thing is to be able to adjust the internal chronometer in time and not overplay. But back to the fair sex ...

A site for women tells why women hide their age.

Why do women hide their age?

At first, girls attribute extra years to meet students, and ten years later, on the contrary, tend to look eighteen to more easily enchant solid men.

As a child, I learned that it is indecent to ask a woman about her age. But what is obscene in this, I realized only now. Asking about passport years, you stab a woman in the back with a dagger - destroy her little secret and make you remember once again that time is ticking and ticking, irrevocably taking away precious youth. The most important capital of any woman.

In addition to creating a halo of mystery, the silence about age increases a woman's self-esteem. She feels for as many years as she wants. If a lady reveals her age, she can no longer feel comfortable enough - she is forced to remind herself that others know the secret.

At work

A woman's age affects how she is perceived by colleagues. If you work in a large company or a large research institute, not all employees can know your age. Moreover, the stronger sex does not seek to find out how old you are, even if sitting with you in the same room at the same table. The first thing a man will try to dig up if he likes you is whether you are busy or not.

There are defaults about age and practical aspects. Imagine that you work in a team of recent graduates - experienced and talented. In all likelihood, you will feel discomfort. It will be more difficult for you to find contact with colleagues and you will be pressured by the need not to get into trouble with young professionals.

The opposite situation is when you are in an age group. There is nothing to tell everyone that you are younger. Your success will exacerbate envy.

From a man's point of view, it doesn't matter who asks him to help move a bottle of water to the cooler or move the table - a twenty-year-old girl or a forty-year-old lady. But if a man is asked to do something more complicated, for example, to help deal with a printer that has swallowed paper, or another computer virus, the preference may be given to a young person, and the request of an older lady can be completely ignored.

Birthday at work

If the celebration is unavoidable, you can do without just saying the day and month. A year for colleagues to know nothing

By the way, if you want a complete conspiracy, remove the data on the year of birth from social networks, so that clever colleagues do not declassify you.


If you like a man who is younger, so as not to scare him, do not say at once how old you are. Let the young man come up with a comfortable age for you. And after eating the bait, you can admit.

A polar case where a girl is much younger than a guy. I'll tell you straight - a man is not against sex with a young beauty. Only it will be sex a couple of times. As a constant passion, a smart man considers the girls who are on the same wavelength with him.

Of course, a freshman can age prematurely, attributing extra years to himself, but it is unlikely that such a game is worth the candle. The deception will be exposed almost immediately.

Situation in society

Sometimes a woman is tempted to lie about age because she has not realized herself to conventional reference points, such as twenty-five or forty years, as a wife, mother or specialist. Men have a similar complex. There is nothing you can do about it.

I can only advise not to worry about the bars set by someone. Life is a complex thing, and everyone has their own coordinate system. So what, that you are unmarried, and Svetlana is raising a second child? Maybe this Sveta will divorce in a year, and in two years you will be happily married and have as many children as you want?

Feel confident - everything will work out. Then you do not have to play with age, when it is not necessary, driving yourself into depression.
Do not bend the stick, hiding the age

The right word, who do you deceive when you wear a leather mini-skirt and a top in your forties? Even if the figure allows. It looks ridiculous - deprived of the airiness of gait and printing experience on the face give you a crumb.

And, of course, I categorically forbid dressing gloomily, imitating the heroine of the "Office Novel" or Angela Merkel. There is nothing to age to look more significant.

Of course, you should save yourself from the temptation to tell your husband about your real age only on the threshold of the registry office. In a serious relationship, no deception is acceptable, because their cement - mutual trust. If a man is not ready to accept your age, he is not your husband.

Male gaze

Many of my respondents stated that they did not care about the age of the girl they viewed as a friend or partner. The main thing - compatibility by psychological age and social elevator. Others have said the same about a girl-friend, but they are ready to consider a girl as a partner only if she is not more than a year older.

Others were stunned that they had a rule: “If a girl is more than three years younger, nothing but sex will do her any good. Checked.

My opinion is that no matter how old and what sex your friend is, if you have found a common language. As for the girl, I'm sure you can find one who will be much younger than you, but will be an interesting interlocutor.

But to meet a woman who is ten years older than me, I would not be for nothing. The fact is that if such a woman planned to wrap me up, she would have to lie about her age.

Instead of a conclusion

The fact that women are afraid of time and old age is the merit of us men. After all, you, madam, are just trying to meet our expectations.

To be honest, we don't care if a woman hides her age or not. But we do not care in the company of which ladies we are. Finding nice and fresh women in society definitely tones and increases self-esteem, and we can subconsciously show more interest in the woman herself.

The axioms below, I'm sure, are still valid. First, a woman should never focus on her age. And whoever asks about it, should be entered in a small secret book in the black-black list

Second, it makes sense for a woman to hide her age to receive benefits. This can be done both in order to get an interesting date and to feel more comfortable in a team that is too young or too old.

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