Grandma's advice. About love and relationships

Maybe these tips will help someone, as they once helped many. Look at important things with different eyes ...

Grandma, how do I know I'm in love?

"Very simple, granddaughter." Do you remember how you met?

- Of course, Grandma. I remember not only our acquaintance, but also every meeting: how we smiled at each other for the first time, how we held hands for the first time, how we kissed. You know, Grandma, I even remember everything-everything-everything I told him; what jokes he laughed at; how she prepared for each date; in what she was dressed to please him. Is this love, Grandma?

- No, granddaughter. Love is when you remember what he was wearing on a date. And if you remember yourself - it's love. Put the dolls in a box, granddaughter.

Grandma, tell me, when is it time to say goodbye?

Maybe it's better to go after the first night, until there are no unfulfilled hopes, without waiting for the clarification of the relationship, leaving in memory only a confused pleasant memory? Or after many, many nights, when everything will slowly disappear, it is unknown where and why; calm "ecological" parting, without the pain of something tearing, without tears and screams?

"It's very simple here, granddaughter." You should not go after a certain number of nights, but after the first morning, when you do not want to get up earlier and cook him breakfast. Drink it then tea, kiss goodbye and close the door.

Grandma, I still dream of him ...

- Granddaughter, remember last year's snow.

- Why is last year's snow here? I wanted to ask you for advice, not to talk about the weather.

- And I already gave it to you, granddaughter. If it still hurts, if you haven't completely forgotten, if it's still trembling inside, then say to yourself, "Last year's snow." And it happened to what you had, just like that. It is impossible to keep a snowflake in the summer, granddaughter - it's time for her to melt. And although it's hard for you to believe it now, but new snow will definitely fall. Just trust the time and wait for it, a new, fresh, clean, first snowfall. But if you still miss the past, repeat about yourself: "last year's snow, last year's snow, last year's snow."

Grandma, I will fight for my love. I will not give it away just like that. I will not give up, I will not give up without a fight!

- Granddaughter, do you know such a favorite game of school masses-tricksters, when you have to run around the chairs, which are consciously one less than the players; and when the music is over, have time to take the chair first? Granddaughter, you play this game when you try to "fight". Why run in twos or even threes around one chair, trying to outwit rivals and take it first, making fun of others, angry and nervous? Look around - there are many other unoccupied chairs near the wall. You're an adult, granddaughter, it's time to stop playing children's games.

Grandma, why am I in so much pain? I am jealous of literally any female name he utters.

When he does not pick up the phone, I immediately imagine that he is from another. When he talks about a woman, I immediately start thinking "was it?". I am jealous of the "former", to friends, colleagues at work, to casual counterparts. How do you stop torturing yourself, Grandma?

- Granddaughter, jealousy is a false feeling. You are not jealous, you are afraid of losing. But don't be afraid, granddaughter, it's nonsense. Because if there is no reason for jealousy, then it is pointless to be jealous, and when there is already a reason, it is too late.

All men are the same! Grandma, he only needs to say "hello" to me for the first time, and I already know how he will behave next, what jokes to tell, how to smile, how to touch, how to quarrel and go.

"You're wrong, granddaughter." All men are different. We just like similar men. Do you like modest, "home"? Then why do you complain that you get bored again, who does not want to leave the house? If you choose a man "soul of the company", then do not be surprised that you have to share it with friends, and, more often than not, parallel friends. If you love romantics, then be prepared not only for candles, poems and champagne, but also for periodic depressions and disappearances, which he will explain by "creative crises". You choose a man for whom you can be "like behind a stone wall" - do not be surprised that you will not be able to find a door to freedom in these walls. Women choose similar men and then are surprised that they are all the same.

Grandma, I don't know how to tell him not to hurt. He did not deserve the banal "let's stay friends."

He is good, and I will have to treat him cruelly. What can I do, Grandma, how do I tell him it's over?

- Granddaughter, remember: in the last phrase that you say to your husband when parting, he should hear not only the inevitable cruelty, but also gratitude for all the good that you had. After all, when he remembers you, he will inevitably remember your parting. And if you want his eyes to smile at the mention of you, do not clarify the relationship at the farewell. Tell him only one thing: "I no longer need your presence to love you." And all, go.

Grandma, I don't know if he should be told everything. It seems like there was nothing like that, but suddenly he finds out?

And I don't seem to admit anything, but I can't tell either. And how can I demand that he be honest with me if I start hiding something and not negotiating?

- Granddaughter, remember three simple rules. First: never and under no circumstances deceive him. Second: Never and under no circumstances change it. And third: if you have already deceived and betrayed, then never, under any circumstances, tell him about it. Just remember, granddaughter, no matter how you want, but the last rule follows only the first two.

Grandma, I don't understand what's going on: he suddenly just disappeared somewhere.

Everything was fine, and then so suddenly, without explanation, just disappeared. I don't see him anymore, the phone is silent, and even by chance we see each other more. Maybe something happened? Or did I offend him by accident? Maybe you should call and talk, find out what's going on?

- Granddaughter, it's not worth it, believe me. After all, you yourself know the answer, but you do not want to admit it to yourself. He doesn't call because he doesn't want to - it's very simple. Remember, granddaughter, as long as a man is interested in a woman, he will not disappear. He will cut off the phone, chat at the entrance, arrange casual meetings. And no reason, even the most compelling ones, will be the reason he won't be around if he wants to. And if you don't want to make him lie in response to your question about "why he disappeared from your life" about being busy or a lot of work, you better not ask. And if you are not looking for an extra reason to make yourself even more painful after hearing the truth, then do not ask. You already know the answer ...

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