Secrets of a successful date

Do you go on a date, are worried, do not know how to behave, what to wear and whether to buy a gift? In this article we will tell you how to have a successful date, after which you and your interlocutor will be satisfied, and you will meet more than once.


The most valuable and important thing at the initial stage of a relationship is communication. Only by communicating with a person, you will be able to properly assess him and learn more about him. And your interlocutor needs to give free rein to communication, and listen to his story. After listening to everything, remember and evaluate.

Even if the interlocutor is talking nonsense, you still need to listen carefully, try to understand why he is doing it. Everyone likes to talk about themselves, because their own experiences, problems and lives seem more significant to others.

Guide each conversation in the right direction. No need to ask questions - what is the salary. More important are his plans, which he carries out for a long time. Do not ask questions in the forehead, but indirectly. Speak what you think and ask how he thinks. I think so, but what do you think? Feel free to communicate and ask the ones you are interested in, but just ask them carefully.

Do you need to take the initiative?

When you realize that the person you have chosen is really nice to you, and you want your relationship to be deeper, then take on the planning of dates. But this does not mean that you need to call the interlocutor on the phone and say that you want to see him.

Call first, and do not request a meeting, but simply offer to visit any institution. Find out from friends or in newspapers where you can have a good and interesting time.

What is interesting for the two of you should not pass by. After each meeting, your interlocutor should have an interest in the next meeting and pleasant memories from the past. Be a motor, let your interlocutor feel what a cheerful person you are and how interesting it is to spend time with you. Everyone loves novelty.

If you want to meet this person again, make an appointment with him immediately, and also decide where you will go. Each date should cling to the other. But don't do it intrusively. If you have quarrels or disagreements, then such a relationship should not be continued, because such meetings do not bring any joy and no pleasant moments.

What to wear? Do I need to buy a gift?

You need to dress according to the date plan. To do this, you need to warn your interlocutor. It would be pointless if you were going to walk around the old manor - put on pants and a sweater, and the interlocutor beach or summer clothes (depending on the season). The couple should look in harmonious clothes.

You can buy a gift for the first date. It will be better for a gentleman if he buys beautiful flowers or one rose. A girl on a first date can buy a bracelet or necklace, of course, not expensive. If the gentleman does not know where to buy a bouquet, he needs to know if there is a flower delivery in the city, and order a bouquet. Every girl likes flower gifts and bouquets, she will put them in a vase, and looking at them, will remember you.

How to be a guest?

If the interlocutor invites you to himself, then you need to pass a difficult test. In this case, you need to think about everything in advance. Try to look neat, modest and polite when visiting.

Do not look around the apartment and do not look into those rooms in which you were not invited. Avoid extravagant statements and anything that the interlocutor does not like.

It is better to listen carefully and speak less. Let the opinion of you be "silent" rather than loose talk. In moments when the interlocutor is silent, express your opinion or share with him your plans for the future.

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