How to know: loves or not?

In school childhood, it was easier to calculate a classmate in love: he slapped his backpack on his back, pulled his braid - everything is clear, in love. It would seem that it is not difficult to "identify" Romeo at a more respectable age: he calls every five minutes, gives bouquets and asks to try on a family ring with a sapphire - aha, "caught". But it turns out that not every movement of the male soul should be taken for love ... How to find out: loves or not?

So love or not?

Why do we swallow bait in the form of beautiful words, wide gestures and fiery looks of a fan? Why do we interpret the slightest expression of interest in our favor, hurry to open our hearts and then bitterly repent?

First, we are all victims of stereotypes. We believe in the centuries-old experience of courtship, according to which the blush on the cheeks and the confusion of speech speak of love. Secondly, we ourselves desperately want to believe it. Because "it is necessary for someone to love someone", "if he did not love, then he did not live or breathe" and other poetic arguments.

In order not to be disappointed in the future, let's list the options for male behavior, which, if desired, can be confused with the true feeling, when, unfortunately, ah, behind all these "twists and turns" are completely different motives. Which, by the way, we will also call - "not to walk twice."

So, for love you can take:

- Boyish behavior: a man in your presence behaves stupidly. Takes up passers-by and a leg through a handrail, shouts songs, stands under an arrow, swims for buoys, etc.

Nothing serious: First, it would be good to make sure that the gentleman does not feed the addiction to lysergic acid and other illicit drugs. In addition, there are a lot of men with a demonstrative type of behavior, such innate actors who by the will of evil fate did not get on stage. And "selected" by the expressiveness of behavior in everyday life. For such a clown, nothing should fall to your knees in front of you and sing Mr. X's aria. Simply because "the music inspired".

- Acquaintance with parents: no matter under what circumstances, but you were presented to Maria Petrovna and Kuzma Karlovich (well or as them there). Waiting for the right moment, you rush to a cozy corner and dial a friend: "Guess he introduced me to his family!"

Nothing serious: In some families, the ancestors are calm about the numerous passions of the son. Seeing another Nastya (Masha, Anya), my mother does not start terrible conversations, they say, "children, when are you planning heirs?" They don't care that last week their offspring visited the family dinner with Miss Varya, and brought you here for your aunt's birthday. Sometimes it's really okay.

- Meet friends. Let's clarify: he introduced you to his friends.

Nothing serious: see above the item "acquaintance with parents".

- Financial generosity. He overwhelms you with gifts, takes you to expensive restaurants, etc. Despite a rather modest period of acquaintance.

Nothing serious: he can just afford it. Men clearly adhere to the principle "who feeds a young lady, he dances her." And if a new suitor pleases you every night with a bouquet of the average salary of a researcher, it does not mean that he decided to take all your savings for the sake of wild love. Just in a restaurant, where the middle class makes offers of hand and heart, he regularly dines - why not, if the money. In general, not all the gold ...

- "Launch" on its territory. That is, the man invited (and invites) you to his house, allows him to cook, clean and iron shirts. And you already have matrimonial plans - and what else, if not joint management, the first sign of seriousness of intentions

Nothing serious: maybe he's just lazy (or sorry for the money) to walk with you to cafes or restaurants, to meet at home easier, more convenient and cheaper. And when you are ready to perceive his domestic helplessness as an extreme degree of trust (of course, washing socks can be entrusted only to a close and almost loved one), he lives by singing to himself. With his pofigism and laziness.

- Tendency to clarify the relationship on the basis of jealousy. It doesn't matter if he undermines you quietly or rolls up stormy scenes with shouts like "How dare you smile at a passerby?" What did you have with him? ", The reason for the differences is the same - you are jealous and do not hide it. Hmm, on the one hand it's nice ...

Nothing serious: Unfortunately, this is not always related to love. Yes, when you love, you are afraid of losing, but it is no secret that there are terrible owners, and even psychopaths, for whom such notations are a mandatory program, to take away the soul, so to speak.

- Intrusive signs of attention. The suitor constantly sends you cute nonsense in sms, hundreds of Internet links to funny pictures, humorous poems and videos. And your verdict is ready: you have flooded his thoughts, which means you understand ...

Nothing serious: It's bitter to go down from heaven to earth, but a lot of talkative guys roam the white world. Contrary to popular belief, real men are stern and silent. Apparently, your fan is just from the category of "you need a radio station" free ears ". He does not capture your attention because he constantly thinks of you. He's just a talkative person, a chronophagus.

- Special gestures, looks, etc. Your fan looks like that, looks like that ... For a long time, immodestly, without being ashamed of strangers. From this shooting with your eyes, your heart has been wounded a hundred times ... Of course, in love!

Nothing serious: That's not a fact. Unfortunately (or fortunately), lovelases are not uncommon nowadays. Their goals are known, and these uncles have a great hand in achieving them. Excellent in the "science of tender passion", skilled in compliments and nauseating looks, so it is possible that you apply the usual strategy of seduction.

- Bed frankness. We girls sometimes believe that some oh-oh-very immodest (ah, and just as pleasant) favors can be addressed only to the most beloved, the only and desirable women. And in such quantities ... In a word, what to guess here, he is in love as he is!

Nothing serious: It's awful, but you are strong in nature, able to survive the truth. Sometimes men spend intimate openness not to their favorite, but simply to pretty girls - these are their wide horizons in terms of bed etiquette. And as for the unquenchable desire - um, well, lucky man with libido, our congratulations

- Too rapid rapprochement. For example, on the fly, a person calls you "native", claims that from now on you have everything in common, they say, we share grief and joy in half. And you will melt: the heart missed love and kindness, it seemed that in the world there was only work and evening TV news. And here he is what Lyubishchev fell! ..

Nothing serious: It is possible that a person is ready to share only the joys you have given. And from his side, except sadness, financial problems and whining, nothing will follow. Unfortunately, mature aunts often peck at the trick with rapid rapprochement. And they happily drag Romeo into their own apartment, allow them to use a credit card and climb into their wallet. And then act as the heroines of the talk show "Let them talk", shouting: "And why did I, stupid, believe him? And he chose me! »

"The words 'I love you.'
Nothing serious: The right, so to speak, men do not scatter such phrases, because they must be held accountable for the seriousness of intentions and actions. But the right men in our century - the cat cried. But the wrong - a car and a small cart. And these gentlemen-serials do not consider the slap of confession in the heat of bed bliss insolent, or even just like that. So what? He loves kittens, gooseberries and grandma. Here you are in a heap with gooseberries. And now attention! In addition to light talkers, there are selfish reptiles that deliberately demand something from you. Well, for example, argued with someone over a hat that can make you fall in love with yourself. Oh, you need to keep a sharp ear with such!

So how do you know: love or not?

After we have debunked the myths and even encroached on the holiday, let us remove the unpleasant residue and list the indisputable evidence of his love:

- Ever since I met you, the man is in high spirits. About uncharacteristic euphoria and cheerfulness claim his friends and relatives;

- A well-known joker and wit, in your presence he is suddenly dumb, answers incoherently, in a word, as the actors say, "a blank sheet of paper";

"He takes care of you." Remembers your size of clothes and shoes, stoically experiences joint shopping, remembers your preferences and important events and dates for you;

- Builds general plans, introduces you to your friends and is open to communication with yours;

"Ready to sacrifice for you." It's hard to assess the refusal to watch a football match in favor of your series, but it's really a feat. Which is on the shoulder of only a lover.

- It does not hurt you. Knowing your weaknesses, does not play on them, does not teach, does not point out mistakes, does not try to "step on the spine";

- And he said - "I love you." With a characteristic blush on his cheeks and an excruciating hoarseness in his voice. Yes, you guessed it.

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