How to conquer a man's heart

It came true! You are in love! You are sure that he is your prince, and it is impossible to live without him. You urgently went on a diet, went to a beauty salon, became interested in literature on seduction, looking for relevant topics on the Internet, and all this with one goal: to win the man you like.

There is good news. It is easy to conquer a man's heart. But some effort will still have to be made. Where to start? From what you need to sit down and think. A site for women slimgoods will tell you how to conquer a man

1. What kind of person is he?

Take a piece of paper and sketch the answers to the following questions:

  • What do you like about the man you liked? Who is he by profession? How do you usually spend your free time?
  • What does he like?
  • What attracts him to girls?
  • What kind of person is he?

In short, you have to make a kind of psychological portrait of the man you like. At the same time try to look at him from the position of a stranger disinterested person.

It is not necessary to include in a portrait the full list of advantages of the man: without a doubt, it will be long, especially from the point of view of the girl in love. Now it is important to understand not what you liked about him, but what you might like about him.

2. Where can you communicate?

In order for him to notice and appreciate you, it is necessary to communicate, preferably regularly and in neutral territory. How to subdue a man if you do not see and do not communicate? Therefore, visit the same places as your chosen one. Fitness club, night club, tennis court, park, where he runs in the morning or walks the dog, etc.

Try to do the same as him. Does a man run in the morning? Great, go for a run and you. Does he play tennis? Take a racket - and on the court. At the same time you will lose a few pounds, and without diets


1. Be unobtrusive.

If he stubbornly ignores you, do not try to be as close as possible, pass him as often as possible, etc. Sooner or later he will notice your flicker. But it is unlikely to draw the necessary conclusions for you.

Therefore, in such a situation it is better to change your strategy. Contact him first. For example, with the help or consultation (choose the topic according to the place where it all happens). Or to provoke him to active actions by a typical female trick: to miss something, passing by it; fall in front of him (works especially well on a run), etc.

2. Do you want to conquer a man's heart? Especially do not show your skills, even if you are a pro in the field that unites you. You've probably heard the phrase "Men don't like very smart girls." This statement is incorrect. It will be correct: "Men do not like those girls who are smarter than them."

Therefore, if you do the same as your chosen one, the ideal option would be: you demonstrate that you are well versed in a particular issue, but the man knows and can do more, and you admit it.

3. If you are lucky enough to work with a loved one, do not rush to rejoice that there is no problem with the place and topics for communication. Many men put their careers above relationships and find "office romances" unacceptable. In addition, at work it is unlikely to communicate one on one. It is better to look for other points of interest.

4. How can you conquer a man's heart?

Identify your best qualities and try to emphasize them when communicating with your chosen one. In the early stages of dating, appearance is important. Do you have beautiful legs? Wear a mini! Beautiful emerald eyes? Choose makeup that highlights the color of the eyes!

At the further communication psychological moments become important. Simple tips to help you build relationships with people, regardless of gender, will come in handy to win a man's heart. Call a person by name, smile, show genuine curiosity, do not allow rudeness, criticism or insult ... Probably you have heard these tips more than once. However, it is worth repeating them again, because they really work. It will also be useful to read about how to become charming.

It is important for everyone to be understood. At the same time, men and women think differently. Sometimes it is very difficult to understand each other. You ask how to understand a man, the peculiarities of his logic and the reasons for his actions? The study of male psychology will help you in this.

And - most importantly. Do you know that every man has a lever, moving it to the "on" position, you become one and indispensable for him? This lever is called "demand". If a man feels needed in your presence, he will strive to be with you again and again. Let him take care of you. Accept all signs of attention with gratitude. Make him a strong and courageous hero in his own eyes. This will allow you to conquer a man's heart forever.

Also, do not forget about yourself. Develop, improve your femininity. Leave room for a riddle. Learn the art of flirting and seduction. And, of course, watch your appearance.

Some tips for conquering men

  • Friendship is good, but there is one nuance. Remember that your goal is to become a beloved woman, not another. Therefore, try not to allow in conversation those who are discussing with friends, not with a partner. For example, the themes of previous relationships, and their own, and his. Otherwise you risk being written down as a friend forever.

  • If you have to think about your ex-husbands, talk about it in passing and without criticism. The usual logic of women: "I will say that my ex was bad, with a hint that you are the best and I want to be with you." The usual reaction of men: "You were bad with him, whether he will be fine with me - not a fact. Maybe after a while you will also complain about me. Do I need it? ». Find a good site about relationships, it discusses in detail similar differences between male and female thinking.

  • It's no secret that too active expression of emotions scares men. What to do if you lose control of yourself in his presence? Use the following trick. Sharply strain the whole body. Then relax and strain again. Repeat until you feel that you have taken yourself in hand. Physical stress is perfectly transmitted to the emotional state, so your uncontrolled "flight" will not leave a trace.

A similar technique will help in a situation where the mind understands that it is too early to allow intimacy, and the body is very active in responding to the caresses of a partner, demanding to send to hell control and conventionality.

Conquering a man is an exciting game, the win of which will be a happy relationship, and there is no loss. After all, in any case, you will gain invaluable experience that can be used in the development of relations with this man, and in establishing communication with another person.

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