Stages of love. How to live together for many years?

Everything in this world is built on love. And what kind of love will be between a man and a woman, depends on everything that will happen in their life together. For someone, love is just a word and nothing more. Some live their whole lives and cannot feel it. For someone, it's money, popularity, fame, wealth. But there are those for whom love is the warmest and most native feeling, which encounters many obstacles on its way. Today on the site for women slimgoods we will talk about those whose union is talked about as a prisoner in heaven. Believe me, only at first glance it seems that they are the happiest. In fact, their whole life is a difficult stage of love that must be passed to always be together.

Love, or the first stage of love

Infatuation is not love yet, but it is the feeling that a man and a woman feel in the first year of their acquaintance. This is not just a year, but a time of fairy tales and sorcery. A man and a woman are so good together that they notice only positive qualities in each other, or even deliberately hide their shortcomings.

This stage of love is also called hormonal, when feelings are raging and you want to have sex more often. The partners are so in love with each other that they see the world as if in pink glasses. For them, the main thing is what is today, and they do not think about what will happen next.

A time of conflict, or the second stage of love

I want love to never end. But, as a rule, after a year of living together, partners begin to get tired of the need to hide their shortcomings. Each of them believes that he will never lose his other half, and that she will always be there, under any circumstances. This is where the surge of emotions and the storm of indignation begins. It turns out that pink glasses are nothing more than just our fantasy.

A year later, a man and a woman begin to look at each other in a completely different way. That is why conflicts arise - an attempt to confront your partner. Finally, it becomes obvious that there is no ideal, and that each of the lovers has their own habits, passions, hobbies.

At this stage of love will have to make a difficult decision - or stay with your other half, accepting all its shortcomings, or divorce once and for all. During a period of conflict, it is very important to talk to each other and as much as possible. This is the only way to find a common language, to come to terms with the fact that you are not a prince or a princess, and to look at your partner as a person, not as a doll that can be manipulated. The average stage of conflict lasts about three years.

Here it is love, or the third stage of love

If a man and a woman managed to pass the previous stage, and at the same time stay together, then they have come to a new period of their lives - their own love. Finally, she took for herself all the pros and cons and is ready to build not just a relationship, but a life together, in which there will be a place for everything - joy, sadness, victory, sadness. Partners have learned to see the shortcomings not only of each other but also of their own. Now they feel when the other half is bad, when she needs help to get out of a difficult situation, when you just need to sit next to her and hug her tightly.

It cannot be said that this stage of love is very simple. Much of it passes from the previous stage. No matter how much you want to keep the peace in the family, you can't do without small conflicts. Here it is important to be able to solve all problems softly and painlessly before, to understand that sometimes it is necessary to give in somewhere, and somewhere to be completely silent. A true feeling of love will accompany a man and a woman for 8-10 years. And ...

Let's meet again, or the fourth stage of love

Having lived together for a long time, having gone through all the bitterness and frustration, there comes a time when a man and a woman begin to meet again. This occurs when the feelings of love are somewhat extinguished. Usually this is preceded by the birth of a child, problems or, conversely, promotion at work, change of residence, etc. Husband and wife are somewhat distant from each other, but understand that the family must be preserved, so again begin to grind against each other.

This stage of love is very similar to conflict, as there are often quarrels and disagreements between partners. But it is so important for them for 2-3 years, namely how long the period of the next acquaintance will last, to find a common language and to make so that feelings to each other flared up with new force.

Harmony of souls, or the fifth stage of love

That's all, behind most of life. Somewhere there, in the past, all the problems and worries remained. Now there is only one thing left - to live. And not only for myself, but for the person with whom I managed to go through all the difficult, but such necessary stages of love. And most importantly, we managed to maintain respect, trust, understanding and, of course, love for each other. How long this stage will last depends on the further mood of the couple.

These are the stages of love experienced by those who want to love and be loved. There are, of course, couples in which one partner obeys the other, or one adores and the other just enjoys. What are their love stages - this is a completely different conversation ...

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