First date: what to talk about?

So, you have the first date with a new person, about whom you know almost nothing - it's always a little exciting. It is exciting not only to invite someone on a first date, but also to have a conversation with that person. Sometimes it is difficult to choose a topic for conversation for the simple reason that you do not yet know each other. What can you talk about on the first date, and what is better not to ask? Tells a site for women slimgoods.

The first date. What to talk about?

The topic of travel will always be well received

You can ask each other which countries they went to, exchange impressions, give advice, share further plans (ie where they would like to go).

You can talk about drinks and food benefits

If the meeting takes place in a cafe or restaurant, it would be appropriate to talk about who drinks which of you prefers, which dishes are your favorites.

You can talk about work on the first date

On the first date, you can completely ask each other what they do, in what field they work, whether they like the work itself. So you already have some first impression of the person.

On the first date you can talk about career

You can ask each other whether you want to make a career at work, how important it is or not important to you.

Theme about hobbies

The topic of admiration, of course, is already established, but on the first date it is difficult to do without it. This topic is neutral and always positively perceived by the interlocutor. In addition, it also helps to learn something about a person, his character.

On the first date you can talk about friends

You can always talk about your friends, tell a little about them, how you met them, how many years you have been friends, what they mean to you, what they do, in what field they work, how often you see them.

The first date. What NOT to talk about?

In no case do not ask about past relationships.

The topic of past relationships with previous people should never be raised until your relationship is strong, or until the person you invited to the meeting is willing to talk about it. As a rule, people want to start a relationship from scratch, for this reason, very few will be willing to talk about the past on a first date.

It is not necessary to start a topic about parents

You should not ask about your parents on the first date, because it may turn out that they are, for example, divorced. No one wants to talk about problems in the family, especially a stranger. You should also not ask if your boyfriend has the same cute brothers. However, it would be correct to ask if there are still children in the family (brothers or sisters).

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