Virtual betrayal

You have recently noticed that your beloved husband has become interested in the Internet. However, when you approach him, he is confused for some reason and immediately shuts down all programs. And after a while you become aware that he has a mistress! Moreover, not in the real world, but in the virtual!

And how does this relate? Really virtual betrayal?

Virtual betrayal - what is it?

Virtual betrayal does not necessarily come to virtual sex. Maybe it's just a virtual flirtation (wirth - as it is usually called).

It would seem that you can be jealous of the lines of the text, because the partners do not even see each other. However, nowadays you can already hear your partner, and if you have a webcam - even see. But due to the fact that not everyone has access to it, most often wirth is just a set of words in aces, emails, chats.

How to recognize virtual betrayal?

You should not worry about the fact that a man goes to porn sites several times a month. This is typical of many men, because they just resort to sexual fantasies. It's hard to even count it as betrayal, because we women often fantasize about what sin to hide.

But suspicions of virtual betrayal should creep into your soul if a man:

* He often spends his time on the Internet, you see a clear dependence on the Internet, and he is looking forward to the next visit. In this case, you would not mind checking the history of his ICQ and the history of visits to the Internet. Do not be surprised that everything is clean. It may be that he deletes all the information.

* It is difficult to concentrate on work, expressing your dissatisfaction and irritation when you are around. You began to notice that he paid less attention to you and kept cold.

* He finds all sorts of excuses when you touch on the topic of his communication on the Internet.

* And of course, do not doubt the virtual betrayal, if you once found him masturbating at the computer screen, and not while watching a porn site, but with an open ICQ window.

Is Virtual Betrayal Serious?

Some women consider virtual betrayal to be a real betrayal, no matter where it happened, because virtual betrayal has touched the soul. And it is even worse than physical contact.

And what is most unpleasant - if a man was able to change virtually, he loses all confidence, because now it is possible that he will go to the left at the first opportunity in life!

You wonder, "Why was he drawn to virtual betrayal?" Probably a desire for diversity. This happens to those who have been married for a long time. This is the most common category of regular visitors to various dating sites.

For such men, virtual betrayal is a way to raise men's self-esteem and just fantasize sexually. Very rarely does this turn into action.

Of course, you will not be able to control your husband forever, and to repel the desire to change you virtually - too. But you can make your life together interesting and full, so that he does not have time to spend it on the Internet, much less for real betrayals (so that just do not even think!).

However, from the point of view of men, wirth exists in order not to change in reality. That is, he found a way out of his emotions, and resumed marital responsibilities without harming the family.

Tip: At the slightest suspicion of virtual betrayal, first assess the whole situation, so as not to break the relationship on emotions. Try to discuss the situation together. Only you know the nature of your young husband. And you can make sure that he doesn't even think about virtual betrayal!