Female polygamy - is it new?

In our age of democracy and equality, women strive to be like men in everything, but they are taking on more and more negative aspects, because you learn bad things quickly. Western pragmatism has supplanted the original Slavic spirituality, the concept of love is separate from the concept of sex, and polygamy is perceived as an extraordinary success in life. However, the very phenomenon of female polygamy is not new and easy to understand.

Causes of female polygamy

Consider a number of reasons that may cause the emergence of several chosen girls:

1. A girl is just happy to like men, receive flowers and gifts. In principle, to a greater or lesser extent it is in every person, however, the more a person loves himself, the more he is attracted to this vortex. Most often, the girl does not feel any serious feelings for partners, and collects them as trophies.

Such a passion of a hunter or a hunter - you can not say that it is unique to women. He usually does not pursue any selfish goals, he just enjoys the recognition of his friends. This behavior is typical of adolescence, when a girl first feels like a girl, or after the breakup of a long-term relationship, prolonged illness, sudden weight loss or any other factor that negatively affects self-esteem.

2. A girl does not know what she wants from life. She just doesn't have the determination to make a choice. She already has a boyfriend who suits her in many ways, but there are some flaws. And here she is invited to meet another, who has everything that the first lacks, but he also has his shortcomings. And here begins a painful game for all three "if". The girl is just afraid to make a mistake - a lot is at stake. Usually in this case it all ends very badly.

3. And finally, pragmatism and careerism. This reason is as old as humanity itself. Examples can be found by looking at history. Mistresses of kings and cardinals often played no less important role in the life of the state than their high-ranking elected officials. In this case, the partners are considered only from a pragmatic point of view, as "convenience providers".

Such a woman does not care how many objects of adoration she will have - she just needs to be comfortable. This behavior is more typical of mature women, often disappointed in men or tired of poverty or lack of attention from their chosen one (which, in principle, does not exclude the root causes).

So what is the most common cause of polygamy?

This is usually a lack of understanding between the partners. When many small images grow into indifference and then frustration. This is inevitable when people do not share problems, refuse to admit their shortcomings and work on them, sharply accept criticism.

The saddest thing is that often a change of partner does not change anything, and they are increasingly disappointed in the opposite field, not realizing that the reason is usually in themselves.

However, there is another aspect that prevents such people from being considered innocent victims of people and circumstances - they often have to lie and dodge a lot, and the people they deceive are not always scoundrels and cynics. But no one likes to feel loyal, and, as folk wisdom says, when you burn in water, you blow on milk.

And from a romantic guy who looks forward to the future, a classic "goat man" is born, who, in turn, will treat girls the same way. Here is an avalanche, which can only be stopped by love.

Mutual understanding, the desire to live for each other, selflessness and mutual love - this is a simple recipe for a cocktail of "happiness". Ingredients are hard to come by, but if you try it once, you will realize that there are things worth living for.