Causes of women's betrayal (article for men)

Do wives change their husbands?

Yes, and they do it quite often. But unlike men's betrayals, it is almost impossible to calculate a wife's betrayal of her husband. A wife can instruct her husband's horns for years, and he won't even know about it ... Why? Because a man's sensitivity is lower, plus - he can not pay attention to detail, and women can. But the article itself is not about this, but about something else.

Why are there betrayals in the family?

There are many reasons, and as a rule, they always work together: emotional hunger, resentment, desire to punish, etc. But basically, the primary reason is one - the lack of awareness of the couple in how to properly build family relationships.

When people are well educated in terms of building family relationships, they just behave properly, they are good together - and then the desire to change each other they simply do not arise.

When there is a lack of education, people start doing nonsense.

Imagine a wife who loves to bake delicious cakes. Here she baked a pie with apples, treats her husband, and asks: "Well, how, darling, delicious?"

And he replied to her: "OK" - with a look as if eating plasticine, that is, indifferent.

And it seems that the husband is right - because his wife bakes often, why praise her?

And the wife is ultimately dissatisfied.

My wife is going to visit, dresses up in the mirror, spins, and thinks - why would I be so beautiful ?!

Fantasizing, in general ...

And then she asks her husband: "Well, how am I, well done?"

And the man in response, as always, with deep indifference: "Okay ..."

And it seems that a man is right - because he sees his wife every day, and it does not matter that she is beautiful - why praise her? Why admire her?

And the wife remains dissatisfied. She begins to suffer from the fact that she feels indifferent to her husband, and everyone thinks: maybe he stopped liking me at all?

Well, okay, I got hurt and drove ...

And one day the wife goes out on the landing in the morning to go to work, puts her hand in her handbag for the keys, and the neighbor comes out of the next door and looks at her as enthusiastically as a cat on sour cream, and says to her: "Oh, and you , Maria Andreevna, everything is getting better and better! As I see you in the morning, so all day the mood is high! »

And Maria Andreevna, which is typical of a woman, will blur into a smile and begin to be modest: "What are you, Peter Semenovich, and what are you ..."

And then she will walk around the yard, tapping her heels, and knowing that at the moment Petro Semenovich is turning his neck, looking at her in the trail ...

And in the evening she will bake a cranberry pie for her ungrateful husband, and remember how much her neighbor admired her this morning.

One day the man will go on a business trip, and Maria Semenovna, as usual, will bake a cake. And in order not to lose him in vain, he decides to treat him to the generous compliments of Peter Semenovich ...

But don't think anything bad, she will just do it, out of kindness. Well, Petro Semenovich himself will suddenly fall apart even more in compliments, and then for a whole week in the morning he will remind her how delicious Maria Petrovna's cake is, and her perfume is new, and in general this coat suits her very well ...

Well, of course, Peter Semenovich as a cultured person will not remain indebted to her, and will begin to offer to bring her to work ...

Then they will become lovers, and then Maria Semenovna will think - to leave her husband, or not to leave, as Peter Semenovich began to marry ...

Here is a simple story. And what is its essence?

Men, take care of your wives, otherwise someone else will do it!

Man and woman are arranged differently. Since a woman gives birth, gives birth and takes care of a baby - nature has endowed her with great sensitivity. The Vedas say that a woman is six times more sensitive than a man. This means that she needs compliments and admiration six times more than her husband, especially with her appearance.

And if a man does not know about it, and even worse, does not admire his wife at all, does not praise her cakes, and does not say how beautiful she is today - it just means that instead of a man will admire his wife someone else.

Therefore, men, before accusing your wife of treason, sit down and think - maybe you accidentally pushed her to these betrayals? Such family conditions were created for her that her wife began to experience the strongest emotional hunger with her husband (when a woman does not hear compliments from her husband, she loses the opportunity to receive positive emotions).

Understand, men: a woman is alive! She needs positive emotions, and if she is deprived of them, it means that the family will have a problem. And she can even mature before divorce ...

How can a wife help solve this problem?

You need to tell your husband that you are feeling emotionally hungry. You can tell him what "emotional hunger" is and what it can lead to (and often many families do).

Next, you need to tell the man that next to you lives a neighbor who turns his neck, looking at you in the footsteps, and that you really like this thing and it matters, because the man's attention has not been for a long time. And emotional hunger is emotional hunger. It's just that a person's nervous system is arranged in such a way that he needs emotions. And a woman needs six times more than a man.

If you clarify the situation in front of your husband in a gentle and trusting way, without resentment and reproach - a man, being a smart man, will understand how to behave properly, and even begin to remember that today you need to make your wife at least six compliments (husband and one enough, as you understand) ...

But remember, if you start to blame the husband and praise the neighbor, the situation may end up with the husband going to beat the neighbor's face, and call his wife bad words. Like, if you feel emotionally hungry, then I'll arrange for you an excess of the strongest emotions in the form of a violent scandal ...

Well, you women are smart, and you understand that the result of a conversation with a man depends primarily on how YOU treat your husband.