I want to change my husband. What shall I do?

It would seem that a woman in a happy marriage needs. Live and enjoy. Suddenly there is an obsessive desire: "I want to change my husband!" It would be clear if she fell out of love and wanted to divorce. But no. She loves her husband, cherishes her family, but the idea of having sex with another man does not leave.

 What is the reason?

As a rule, the desire to change something in life arises in the place of dissatisfaction. If you want to change your husband, then there is something missing in the marriage or something is not developing as you want. Usually a woman lacks attention. The turbulent period of courtship and ritual dances is replaced by measured family life. A man does not need to seek a woman, a woman - to impress.

May not suit a monotonous sex life.

A woman who got married early and did not have time to "get fat" may want the usual variety to understand how it is with others.

Sometimes the thought "I want to change my husband" is due to physical passion, which flares up to an attractive member of the opposite sex, unfamiliar, less decent, but insanely sexual.

Finding out the cause makes it easier to find a way out.

Another ...

If you want to change a man because there is another source of physical attraction, it is better not to rush with betrayal. This is the case when you will be painfully ashamed of cheating. No matter how fantastic sex may be, which usually does not happen, guilt for changing a loved one can poison a relationship.

In this case, it is best to go to a psychologist. An experienced specialist will help to live the situation in a role-playing game, psychologically bring it to an end without resorting to real betrayal. One of the modern methods of psychology that solves such problems is Gestalt therapy.

If a psychologist is too outspoken for you, arrange role-playing games in your own bedroom. Highlight the most important traits that attract you to the object of secret passion, and ask your husband for a short time to portray something like this. For example, a man is gentle and kind, and you get assertiveness and toughness. Imagine that he is a secret CIA agent who wants to recruit you.

You want to change your husband because it's boring

If sex with a man seems monotonous and you start to get hungry like a daily oatmeal for breakfast, looking for variety on the side is unwise. This is the same as trying to experience unprecedented taste sensations by cooking oatmeal from another package. In this case, it is better to diversify your own sexual menu, seasoning the usual sex with spices.

Go to an intimate goods store. Buy some sex toys. Use erotic videos or something hotter instead of a cookbook.

Not enough spice

If you consider sex in marriage a common thing, and you want adrenaline, spicy situations - find Robert Crombie's film "Sappho", buy a bottle of first-class wine and go visit your girlfriend. Maybe watching a movie about a love triangle with a bias towards lesbian love will push you out of each other's arms. New experiences are guaranteed. And it can be called a betrayal with a big stretch

You can offer a friend to have threesome sex. She may not refuse. However, a man can get a taste and insist on such a relationship, when it will not be interesting to you.

Didn't get fat

If you want to change a man, because banal is not fat and the body requires variety, the temptation of a deeply married man. You will get sex on schedule and a strong family. And it does not matter that pleasures are provided in different places. In this case, it is important not to get carried away and not to be attached to another man. Otherwise, attacks of jealousy, mood swings, depression will begin, which will not improve your mood and cause a lot of unnecessary questions for your husband.

Another option is a holiday romance, a chance acquaintance, a business trip. The probability of satisfaction in this case is equal to the probability of finding problems on their own.

There is nothing to do

Very often desires like "I want to change my husband" arise in the head, not burdened with problems. The best solution is to have a baby. In this case, the desire to change a man is guaranteed to be replaced by stronger needs "I want to sleep"