How to implement everything that was planned and make a personal plan? Here are some simple solutions:

1. Human resources sometimes determine success. It is, above all, your inner resources, such as - achievements, joys and victories - all of which consist of your personal life experience. There are also external resources that you buy while in society, in contact with other people - useful connections, relationships, support of important people, etc.

We meet other people every day. Women and men, very young and old. And sometimes we catch ourselves comparing them to ourselves. Psychologists consider such actions destructive, because there will always be those who are more beautiful than us and who are less beautiful, who are smarter than us and who are less intelligent, who has better, worse ... The list goes on and on.

Old Shakespeare was right: our world is a theater. But not all people in it are actors. There are also spectators. Gray and faceless, they sit in a semi-dark hall and sigh bitterly, looking at the actors playing on a brightly lit stage.

Many believe that an "actor" should be born. That is, first have rich parents or a good appearance, a caring husband or start-up capital to start your own business. Only in this case you can get everything out of life. And if you were born in the wrong family and at the wrong time, you sit in the hall on a hard chair all your life.

Laziness is called the engine of progress. But for most people, it is a factor that hinders development, both professional and private. And progress is driven not so much by laziness as by the desire to increase productivity. Destructive, inhibiting the development of laziness must be combated.

Intuition is the primary force. At this depth, beyond the last limit,

where the analysis is not able to get, everything begins.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think anyone would not refuse to have a personal adviser on topical issues. He would make decisions, suggest ways out of difficult situations, give sound advice. The most amazing thing is that everyone has such an assistant. But not everyone is confident in his competence, and therefore do not listen to his voice. It's about intuition.

All people without exception want to be healthy and happy. Often we wish each other health and happiness on birthdays and holidays. Health is less and less clear, but everyone has a slightly different idea of happiness. Everyone needs something of their own, but on closer examination, the concept of happiness fits into the standard three: to be rich, beautiful, loved.

Each person at least once in his life came under the influence of another person, who fascinated him with their abilities, energy, restless vitality. Under the influence of the powerful charm of such a person, you unconditionally trust him, admire him and are ready to follow in his footsteps in this direction. Declared ideas and principles are not in doubt, because you choose this person with your heart, not your mind.

"When you fantasize, do not limit yourself in your fantasies" - this is what Mr. Borshchevsky once said in the club of experts, and he was absolutely right.

Fantasies are necessary for your psyche as well as oxygen to support life, but only if it is a fantasy with a plus sign. Isn't it harmful to dream?

If you are afraid of praise, seek the attention of others because you lack it, but you are embarrassed to catch all the views of the team, if you suffer from the fact that someone undeservedly insults you, grunts, can let you say anything , so you have low self-esteem.

To complete the picture, make a portrait of a man with low self-esteem

A sense of confidence allows people to achieve a lot in life, allows you to live a fuller and more interesting life, helps to establish good business and personal relationships. Proper behavior will help you become more confident in yourself and in your abilities

Here are some tips to help you become a confident woman (we will only consider the outward signs of confidence).

Today a real miracle awaits you. This miracle is called Information. This is not a mistake. Please do not confuse with affirmations, ie with positive statements. What is Information and what is their difference from Affirmation. So, how to make the desire come true with the help of information?

In our modern world, women lack another pair of hands, eyes and preferably a few extra hours a day. After all, there is a catastrophic lack of time! How to keep up? And career, and family, and self-care, and a man need to devote time! And all this fuss is very exhausting, turning into stress and lack of sleep.