How to raise self-esteem

If you are afraid of praise, seek the attention of others because you lack it, but you are embarrassed to catch all the views of the team, if you suffer from the fact that someone undeservedly insults you, grunts, can let you say anything , so you have low self-esteem.

To complete the picture, make a portrait of a man with low self-esteem

  • People with low self-esteem can be immediately distinguished from the mass of people. They have a lowered gaze or running eyes.
  • Such people usually have scoliosis, ie the back, if not the wheel, then you can not call it straight.
  • Uncertain gait. Such people either walk very fast, instinctively trying to hide, run away, or have a sneaky gait so as not to notice how and who is moving.
  • Constant delays - a sign of incoherence and low self-esteem.
  • Such people are afraid to say something out of place, or to voice their opinion on a situation.
  • Offensive words can be heard from these people, such as: "Oh, I'm kind of doing something wrong," and so on.

Aggression, irritability.

This is a side view. Let's look at ourselves.

There is this wisdom: "People around you treat you the way you deserve." And if there is a sudden conflict with you, then something is wrong with you. People are the part of nature where the strongest survive. So, this time you are weaker than the offender.

But we all, over time, grow spiritually, see our shortcomings and strive to correct them.

Ways to raise self-esteem

  • The main way to raise self-esteem is to teach yourself to walk proudly. Straighten your back, chest forward, chin raised. Even if you are at home alone with yourself, still develop the habit of walking straight, sitting straight. At first it will be difficult, but the result will not take long. There is a simple exercise that can raise self-esteem, known but undeservedly forgotten. Approach the wall with your back to the back of your head, shoulders, buttocks and calves. Put the book on your head. Stand in this position for a minute or two so that the body is in the correct position. Then walk around the apartment. Repeat as many times as possible during the day. After two weeks of diligent training, you will see how the attitude of others to your person will change and you will be pleasantly surprised by this fact.
  • The next way to raise self-esteem is a glued smile on your face. This method, at first glance, may seem a little crazy, but let's disassemble it "on the shelves." You are constantly smiling (no matter sincerely or compulsively) - your mood rises - you look at the conflict or failure "from above" - ​​there is if not a philosophical assessment of the situation, then, at least, with irony you look at those events which used to be just obsessed - and, as a result, self-esteem increases.
  • The third way to raise self-esteem is to analyze your environment. "Tell me who your friend is, and I'll tell you who you are," says the proverb. This is partly true. After all, friends are united by common interests, tastes, views on life. But analyze your friendship on your part. Most likely, you are under pressure in everything from choosing clothes to urgent advice in a given situation. Note that strong people do not need advice. They have a clear position, they know what they want and are confident in this. This is not a bad thing, but why haven't you adopted this experience yet, and only allowed yourself to be criticized for your actions?
  • A speech therapist will help you raise your self-esteem. Loud voice, correct speech, clear diction - the key to success. Take lessons, do not spare money. Repeat the patter (goodness of their weight) at any free moment: in the shower, in the kitchen, in the car standing "in a traffic jam" or during a lunch break. For others, a person with a weak voice, mumbling speech, slurred diction - a sign of weakness and a "signal" to attack. Remember this.
    And of course, self-suggestion will help to raise self-esteem. But not convincing yourself that you are a strong person and the like, but (take the above) that you are the owner of a million fortune. AND? how do you feel in this capacity? Immediately your back straightened and your chest rose proudly, your nose stretched up, a smile of appeasement appeared, and your friends do not need to teach you common sense, and language finds clear notes. Do you understand the power of the words "I own a million fortunes!"?

After reading these tips, you decide which ones to use and which ones will seem too radical. In any case, your desire to raise self-esteem is already commendable and worthy of respect, although it is not enough. It takes a lot of work, but the result is worth it. We wish you success!