We learn to develop intuition

Intuition is the primary force. At this depth, beyond the last limit,

where the analysis is not able to get, everything begins.

Ralph Waldo Emerson

I think anyone would not refuse to have a personal adviser on topical issues. He would make decisions, suggest ways out of difficult situations, give sound advice. The most amazing thing is that everyone has such an assistant. But not everyone is confident in his competence, and therefore do not listen to his voice. It's about intuition.

Today, a site for women will talk about the sixth sense and tell you how to develop intuition to those who have it in its infancy.

What is intuition?

Initially, intuition is inherent in every living thing as sight, hearing, taste, smell and touch. This is the sixth sense, which people call the inner voice. However, this is not a miracle, not a guardian angel who warns you against wrong steps, not a special force. Intuition is a part of ourselves.

According to one hypothesis, intuition is unconscious information about experience. It is stored in the depths of the subconscious and in the event of a similar life situation is extracted from its bowels in the form of a ready answer. Thus, intuition is the ability to choose the most favorable behavior without the inclusion of logic and analysis of the situation.

Who hears the voice of intuition?

Some people trust their inner voice and act on the "third eye". Others consider intuition a superstition.

Psychologists have found that the best sixth sense is developed in people of creative professions, scientists, as well as those who have not lost touch with nature due to profession or lifestyle (livestock breeders, foresters, villagers). However, it is not clear what is primary in these situations. Whether the ability to use intuition dictates the choice of profession, or whether the profession helps to develop intuition.

Scientists have identified a number of characteristics that indicate the development of intuition in a particular person. You have great intuition if you:

  • you understand people, you unmistakably determine the good or bad person in front of you at first sight;
  • you can easily navigate in unfamiliar places;
  • it's easy to shop, knowing exactly what you need;
  • you can easily memorize the picture in detail, easy to solve puzzles;
  • creative personality, always cheerful and full of ideas;
  • most of the things you do are successful.

5 ways to develop intuition

Intuition can be developed if you consistently perform the following simple exercises.

1. Relaxation. This method offers to learn to give the brain a break. If you constantly solve unsolvable problems, you can not hear the voice of reason, which is always very quiet. It is necessary to learn the technique of meditation. Do not think, do not analyze, do not choose, do not evaluate. Just relax and listen to yourself. Intuition is included in this state.

2. Accept your fear. The best way to never forget an unpleasant episode in life is to try to forget it. Fear has the same feature. The more persistently you suppress fear, the more it intensifies and suppresses intuition. If you are afraid of something, focus on your fear and live it to the end without driving into the depths. The ability to accept your inner world as it is helps to develop intuition.

3. Learn to recognize emotions. When communicating with other people, try to describe their emotions. The better you understand your own and other people's emotions, the more intuition develops, because emotions and intuition grow from one source.

4. Disable the internal censor. The development of intuition is hindered by the flow of negative energy that is born from negative judgments. "I will never succeed", "it will not work", "I can not afford it" - such phrases do not contain questions and block intuition. Any negative judgment can be turned into a creative question: "What should I do to succeed?", "What part of the idea should be replaced or refined?" Etc. Asking positive questions, the subconscious mind will begin to make decisions.

5. I was interested in the world around me. Because intuition is an unconscious experience, the more you have such an experience, the richer the subconscious. To develop intuition, more often put yourself in the place of other people, ask questions, look for answers, have internal dialogues with yourself, strive to find out the true motives of their behavior. The better you understand yourself and the world around you, the stronger your intuition.

When working on yourself, do not forget that intuition is not a fairy with a magic wand, but you. Intuition can be wrong, you can misinterpret its signals. But if you always have to listen to yourself before you have to choose, you will soon learn to understand the advice of an inner counselor. Remember that in making conscious choices, we are relying on personal experience, which is too limited, while the subconscious has no limits.