How to get everything out of life?

Old Shakespeare was right: our world is a theater. But not all people in it are actors. There are also spectators. Gray and faceless, they sit in a semi-dark hall and sigh bitterly, looking at the actors playing on a brightly lit stage.

Many believe that an "actor" should be born. That is, first have rich parents or a good appearance, a caring husband or start-up capital to start your own business. Only in this case you can get everything out of life. And if you were born in the wrong family and at the wrong time, you sit in the hall on a hard chair all your life.

The main enemy of success

What prevents you from going on stage once and becoming the host of your theater? You will name many obstacles: age, appearance, husband, children, lack of education, money, leadership skills ... In fact, the enemy that prevents you from getting everything out of life, only one: fear of change.

Take a look at your photos from high school to the present day. Pay attention to your appearance. Probably in your youth you impressed others with dramatic changes. Here you are - red, a month later - blonde, then - brunette, and in this photo - oh horror! "Blue bangs and vampire makeup." After graduation or marriage, the changes come to naught. The same haircut, makeup, clothing style. Unless extra pounds are added.

Along with experiments with hair or clothing style, flexibility, initiative, ease of ascent, the desire to change something are a thing of the past. You hold on to your seat in the auditorium, even if it's not in the front rows. And chances and opportunities fly by. Where to get the courage and determination to take advantage of them?

Get everything out of life: where to start?

So, you are determined to leave the sad auditorium and get everything out of life. The first step on the path to a new life is to overcome the fear of change. A "cocktail" of sober analysis of the current situation and the application of some laws of esoterics is very effective.

Determine what made your life the way it is now. What do you benefit from the current state of affairs. What and why you want to change. Why are you afraid that you will not succeed. At first glance, the questions seem simple. But honest answers to them can be a real revelation for you. For example, you will find that you live "not your" life, but in a way that benefits your parents or husband.

The analysis will provide a clear picture of what is happening. And to strengthen your faith and determination, choose an amulet for yourself. Be it an ordinary red thread from a nightmare, a cross or a mascot keychain. The main thing is that you believe in the effectiveness of your amulet. Unscientific? Falsehood. Science has proven the power of placebos. Changes are always accompanied by tension, doubts, experiences. Therefore, all means are good to maintain your confidence.

How to distinguish chance from provocation of fate?

Life loves to joke. Sometimes the golden key found from the door to paradise is a trip to the land of problems and troubles. Therefore, if you plan to make changes in your life, it will be useful to learn how to avoid the pitfalls that may be encountered in your way. Therefore:

1. Focus on your desires. Learn to separate the internal "want" from the external "should", "you should", "it will be better", etc. If you compare life with the road, the signs on it are yours and only your desires.

2. Your lighthouse is your goal. Formulate exactly what you want to achieve. At the same time, do not forget to periodically check the "map" - a list of your goals. This way you will be able to detect deviations in time and adjust your route.

3. Learn to stop in time. Perseverance and perseverance help to achieve a lot. But excessive stubbornness brings only harm. If you hit your head against the wall, no esoteric goods from Israel will save you from bruises on your forehead.

4. Don't wait until life takes you to a dead end. Do not be afraid to intervene in the situation and take responsibility for your own destiny.

5. Train your ease of ascent, develop a tendency to experiment. If you plan to get everything out of life, you can't do without changes. Fortunately, the love of change can be cultivated. Start small: change your hair color or a screensaver on your desktop. Make it a rule to write a report to yourself about what has changed in you, in your life over the last month.

In any case, the main thing is the beginning. Follow your desires, believe in yourself and your charms, and you will get everything you want from life! If necessary, use magical items that bring good luck and protect against evil eye. It can be a red thread from the wedding, a frog that attracts money, a protective pendant of anchovies and other esoteric things. If you believe in it - then it will help you achieve a lot in life and bring good luck! More about mascots and charms from the Holy Land