Cindy Crawford's diet. How to achieve perfection?

Today, the women's site tells the secrets of beauty and slimness Cindy Crawford. What diet does she follow to maintain such a perfect figure? Note - nothing extra! Cindy Crawford herself talks about what to eat and how to eat.

Photographer Richard Avedon once told me, "Cindy, I don't like the way you look when you lose too much weight - your features become sharp and awkward." I memorized these words and now I use them as an apology for the extra pounds, which cost me much more than the fashionable thinness of our time.

Agents also immediately single out girls who have "emotional" eating problems. Eating food should be fun, not an act of self-violence. You can focus on one thing: what you can and can't eat. Constant fear and calorie counting; obsessive thoughts about product compatibility / incompatibility; firm belief in one's own food intolerance; endless weighing - all this simply will not find a place in the difficult and busy life of the supermodel. Therefore, the only right choice is to balance your diet.

Cindy Crawford's diet. How to eat properly without resorting to special diets

1. Eat natural foods (and as few industrially processed foods as possible). Natural food is food that is obtained by harvesting, milking, hunting and fishing and is not mechanically processed with the addition of chemicals.

2. Eat more chicken. It is a lean source of tryptophan - an amino acid that stimulates the brain's production of serotonin, the so-called "happiness hormone".

3. Do not miss the main meals. If the body does not receive food for a long time, blood sugar levels fall, increasing the desire to eat something sweet and increasing the need for light snacks.

4. Eat 4 times more vegetables than protein-rich foods (meat, fish, eggs, cheese) and carbohydrates (rice, bread, potatoes).

5. Never eat more food at a time than can fit in your hands folded in a bowl.

6. Eat 5 servings of fruits / vegetables every day - fresh, frozen or dried. It's not as difficult as it may seem. A glass of juice for breakfast, a large plate of salad for lunch after a piece of fruit and 2 vegetables at dinner.

7. Do not restrain yourself if you really want to eat something. As a result of violence against your own nature, the desire will only grow. Include the foods you love in your daily diet, but only in small amounts.

8. Eating delicious and nutritious food can be fun. In this case, the probability that you will want chocolate for dessert is very small.

9. Try to eat red meat no more than 3 times a week, so you can avoid the accumulation of toxins in the body. Eat fish instead of meat.

10. Eat more nuts and seeds and less cookies and cakes.

11. Eat soy sauce and white wine more often, as well as large amounts of ginger and garlic - they have a wonderful cleansing effect.

12. Eat less butter, sour cream and cheese and more vegetable oils.

13. In the restaurant, order a light first course in order to leave room for pudding in the stomach and not feel heavy.

14. Eating excessive carbohydrates automatically increases body fat.

15. Instead of ice cream, eat fresh or dried fruit or pudding.

16. If you really want to eat something, do not deny yourself the pleasure. But only in small quantities.