A small variety of snacks are perfect for unexpected guests, and for nature, and for a large number of people, and just when you do not want to cook for a long time.

Suluguni is a hard cheese that is very easy to make at home. Homemade suluguni does not contain rennet, which makes it a long-awaited dish on the vegetarian table. This is a healthy, hearty and healthy food that can be used for salads, side dishes, snacks and as a standalone dish.

Panir is an Indian homemade cheese that tastes like Adyghe cheese. Panir is made from milk, so it is rich in easily digestible protein. This cheese is low in calories, contains a lot of calcium and phosphorus. The composition of the breadcrumbs does not include rennet, preservatives and dyes, as in purchased cheeses.

Homemade cheese is the best of all cheeses, because it is made from quality products, without rennet, which makes it possible to use it in vegetarian cuisine. The main thing it contains is the warmth of our own hands, which preserves our love.