Swiss hair thickening method

A revolutionary discovery by scientists from Zurich, dedicated to the problems of weak, thin and falling hair. People with weak, damaged hair can finally get lush and healthy hairstyles. What is this discovery?

Thanks to the new method, everyone has a chance to stop hair loss and thicken their hair. No more thin, weak and sparse hair, says Mark McCullough, head of research at the Institute for Hygiene and Beauty in Zurich.

You can stop hair loss and make your hair thick. This is not wishful thinking - this is the result of scientific testing. Each of them confirmed that with a completely painless and safe treatment, you can:

  • stop hair loss - effect in 12 days or less,
  • accelerate the growth of new hair and make the hairstyle thicker,
  • nourish and improve the condition of the hair so that it is healthy, strong and shiny,

“It doesn't matter if you have had hair problems for 20 years or since yesterday,” says Mark McCullough. “It doesn't matter if you want to stop hair loss or just improve its appearance. It doesn't matter if your hair weakness is caused by a lack of vitamins in your diet, stress, illness, hormonal imbalance, or some other reason. Hair loss and weakness can be overcome! "

Don't believe those who tell you to live with it. If you like, I'll show you a way to strengthen your hair, stop hair loss and speed up the growth of new, strong hair. The effect of this treatment sounds like miraculous healing, but ...

each one is confirmed by photographs and scalp examinations.

“When we showed trichologists (hair care specialists and disease specialists) photographs of the healing effects, they were shocked. Thinning hair disappeared, and in its place new strong hair strands appeared. intensively) was expanded "And the structure of the damaged hair was 100% regenerated, and the condition of the collagen sheath - the structure around each hair root responsible for" fixing "hair in the scalp - improved, continues Mark McCullough.

“The trichologists rubbed their eyes in amazement when they saw photographs of scalp analysis before and after treatment,” continues Mark McCullough. These photos clearly show how the hair structure has strengthened. The hair follicles and collagen membrane received nutrition, the condition and blood supply to the scalp improved. But that's not all: studies have shown that the ability of hair follicles to regenerate and form new tissue has increased significantly, which means faster new hair growth. ”

Better regeneration and stronger anchoring of hair follicles prevents hair loss and accelerates new hair growth.

What have scientists from Zurich discovered?

“Nature wants your body to function perfectly,” explains McCullough.

“Our body is able to cope with bone fusion, wound healing, it can also regenerate organs and even remove cancer cells. Regeneration of hair follicles and stimulation of hair growth are no exception. Provided that we allow nature to act.

Unleash the power of nature!

“Mother Nature has always come up with the most potent solutions,” explains McCullough. “Penicillin is a great example - this amazing antibiotic has reduced mortality from bacterial infections by more than 90%! It was not created in laboratories. This substance was created by a very common fungus. Known as mold. But he can look for it in nature, which my team followed.

After months of testing, we have discovered an amazing blend of substances that turns your body into a hair restoration machine. It not only strengthens the hair structure, but also increases the adhesion of the roots to the hair follicles and triggers the hair's self-healing process. Thus, it eliminates hair problems as effectively as penicillin bacteria. "

Scientists have incorporated this blend into VitaHair Max, a powerful hair loss weapon created by Mother Nature.

Anita Kania

I started having hair problems 2.5 years ago, 2 months after the birth of my first child. During this time, I have visited: 3 dermatologists, 2 endocrinologists and countless hairdressers and cosmetologists. I did hormones and scalp tests. The effect is a year of visits to specialists, and the recommended procedures did NOT help ...

After 2 weeks of using this drug, the number of strands falling out significantly decreased, and I stopped constantly thinking about them. I felt that I had become attractive again and looked my own age, not 10 years older. I smiled, met my friends and stopped worrying about my appearance. After a month, the hair stopped completely falling out, the hair is thicker than ever before. I got rid of my hair problems so suddenly that many people refused to believe that it was my natural hair and not artificial thickened. I feel just amazing!


To stop hair loss and strengthen hair, patients underwent innovative diet therapy. Throughout the entire time, they used VitaHair Max only twice a day.

McCullough states that:

“After applying a new product, you can expect your hair to start strengthening from the first week. You will not take harmful chemicals, you will not wait for visits to specialists ...

After about a dozen days, problems with brittleness and hair loss will disappear. You don't have to avoid drying out or use special cosmetics. You will stop living in fear of baldness. But this is not the end - at the end of the procedure, you will notice a significant increase in new hair, and your hairstyle will be 67% thicker. You will have lush and thick hair with a healthy radiant color. "

VitaHair Max is popular not only in Europe. It is also used by people struggling with fine and thin hair in the US and Canada.

VitaHair Max has been extensively tested by independent experts, and its effectiveness is confirmed in a report published on the SRIT website (Swiss Research Institute for Trichology). It's just a novelty. You can get it only online - by joining a discount club. You can read more about the drug's effects here.

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