How to get out of depression

"He is depressed" - this is often how we assess the state of inner depression of a loved one. And as a rule, we do not admit to ourselves that we got into its network. However, in both cases we run the risk of being deceived with the diagnosis. Depression is a disease that loves to play cat and mouse with us.

Causes of depression

Depression catches up with women more often than men. Of course, do not think that the latter were fabulously lucky. Nature prefers balance, so the strong half was "rewarded" with neurotic disorders and various addictions. It can be alcohol, drugs, gambling and even overeating.

But men get out of depression relatively easily. What is the reason for this?

Science does not give an exact answer, but as a basic hypothesis puts forward primarily the lack of women's "drift experience". This is how psychology calls the period in the life of a little boy, when he unconsciously breaks a strong emotional connection with his mother.

This means that at the age of three or four, he begins to play at a distance from her, stops with the same persistence to seek her hugs and caresses.

Scientists explain this behavior by the first hormonal surges in the child's body. Later, the experience of joining the "male subculture" is added to this. It's not easy for him: whether you like it or not, you have to hold back tears from kindergarten and not complain to your mother in any case. And at school, do not be afraid to show yourself in fights, even if the soul is more to collect herbariums. Otherwise you are an outcast. Thus, the boy as a child acquires the most powerful hardening.

The process takes place in favorable psychological conditions - because at home it is still loved and surrounded by care.

As a child, the girl does not experience the "experience of drift": a breakup with the closest person - her mother, she has no special need to assert themselves in the team. Therefore, entering into a painful relationship at a more mature age, it is harder to tolerate them.

According to statistics from American therapists, 90% of antidepressants are prescribed to women. Every fourth person on the planet at least once in his life comes face to face with an animal called depression. And the consequences of the fatal meeting last for several weeks and many, many years. The beast is cunning and dangerous, and the biggest mistake we can make is to try to tame it and get along with it.

Types of depression

Therapists distinguish between two main types of depression: endogenous, or, as they are called, hereditary (often develop for no apparent reason), and psychogenic (stress response).

Hereditary depressions are either inherited from a set of genes or are the result of birth trauma or intoxication suffered by the mother during pregnancy. Often during life they proceed paroxysmically. In some periods, a person can be lively and cheerful, and then, without any reason, his mood is painted in minor tones, and he quickly recovers.

Doctors claim that of all depressions, hereditary ones are the most dangerous. With reactive trauma, we have at least an objective understanding of the cause of our condition, as well as memories of a prosperous period of life in which we unconsciously seek to return.

Neurotic is terrible because it sneaks up unnoticed. Slowly it creates in us a false feeling that constant inner dissatisfaction is a normal state, gradually we just get used to this thought. Hereditary depressions, which sometimes develop even against the background of life's successes, completely disarm us.

According to therapists, a person is still ready to realize that a stomach ulcer can occur with perfect nutrition. But to imagine themselves in the grip of depression, regardless of the circumstances of their own lives, many can not afford.

How to get out of depression. Help from a psychologist and loved ones

Depression is a complex tangle, and in order to successfully unravel it, you must first understand what threads it is made of. Yes, hereditary requires one tactic, and arose under the burden of life circumstances - something else.

Only a professional psychologist or psychotherapist can truly understand the nature of our mental anguish and provide help. And turning to him with a long black stripe - not a whim or weakness.

Of course, many of us can count on the support of family or friends in a difficult moment. We express our feelings and, of course, we get support. This is very important and dear to each of us, and sincere human participation should not be neglected.

However, only a professional will be able to place accents in our history with us so as to get to the hidden very deeply sincere feelings and emotions. Realizing them, we will greatly facilitate the path to recovery.

How to get out of depression. The whole truth about Prozac

It seems that today, when we say the word "depression", we automatically mean Prozac. This antidepressant has been actively used all over the world in recent years.

The problem is that in our country it can be obtained without a prescription, which is often a direct threat to health. After all, Prozac successfully treats only depression with the so-called sad and asthenic component, when a bad mood, weakness, feelings of brokenness are combined with persistent emotions of sadness.

With "anxiety depression", it only increases fears, anxiety, contributes to sleep disorders. Therefore, Prozac - without a doubt, a revolutionary drug that works well on depression of a certain type and does not disrupt, like drugs of previous generations, human performance - is not a panacea for all mental ills. And should be used only under medical supervision.

How to get out of depression. Recommendations

Depression is now considered one of the most common diseases, ahead of even the flu in frequency. So how to meet this beast in full force, and even better not to allow him into your life?

Doctors advise us to pay attention to our body and, despite the eternal lack of time, still do some supportive sports.

In any case, we will receive dividends in the form of cheerfulness and a slender figure. And if the black stripe is already covered, there is a high probability that good physical shape will protect us at first from somatic, manifestations of depression - a bunch of unexpected diseases. After all, that's how she plays cat and mouse with us. We start running to the doctors, avoiding the only one who would be useful in the first place - a psychologist or psychotherapist.

It is also good to accustom yourself to enjoy moments of comfort. When all the heavy worries of the day are over, get comfortable, relax, close your eyes and say to yourself: “Now I can not worry about anything. I don't know what will happen next. But this moment belongs entirely to me. "

Try not to remember the sad episodes of the past, because by doing so you unconsciously frighten yourself with phantoms of future troubles. Learn to forget insults and defeats, do not let them hurt you again and again by invading your life. It happened, burned out and should go into oblivion.

But the most important thing is to lead a bright lifestyle, and it is never too late to start building it.

All of us, and especially those who are prone to despair, need an interesting case. It is desirable that it became the main work. Because boring, monotonous activities only increase the state of dissatisfaction.

Maintain relationships with family and friends, which means generously giving them your spiritual strength. Don't be afraid to waste it - it's the same boomerang that will come back to you in a difficult moment.

Psychologists also note cases when people were quite successful in overcoming depression with the help of extreme sports. And still falling in love, thus receiving truly one of the most powerful antidepressants. According to psychotherapists, life itself, with skillful use, becomes the best preventive measure against depression.