Swollen feet: what to do?

Many women face the problem of swollen feet. This is especially true in the summer. The phenomenon is very unpleasant, there is pain and burning in the area of swelling, and the appearance of swollen feet is not very aesthetic. What to do if your feet swell? First of all, deal with the causes of the problem.

Causes of swollen feet

1. Wrong way of life. Do you move a little, sit a lot, especially on upholstered low furniture? Do you like to sit cross-legged? As a result, there is stagnation of blood and lymph, edema. The problem may be relevant not only in hot weather.

2. Wrongly chosen shoes. The outflow of lymph and blood is mainly due to the contraction of the calf muscle. When walking on high heels, this muscle does not work, which provokes edema.

3. Too much load on the legs. Swelling often occurs in women who spend most of their time on their feet.

4. Illness. Swelling of the legs can be the result of diseases of the kidneys and cardiovascular system, venous insufficiency, varicose veins, thrombosis, flat feet. Osteoarthritis often occurs in people with heart failure. If there are no congenital pathologies, edema caused by heart problems is usually characteristic of older women. In young people, edema is most often provoked by vascular disease. In this context, smoking makes a large "contribution" to the appearance of edema.

5. Pregnancy, usually in the early stages.

6. Excess weight.

How to remove swollen feet

Having established the causes of swelling of the legs, it is necessary to eliminate the swelling. If it is a disease, it is better to see a doctor immediately, so that self-medication does not hurt yourself even more. In other cases, you can help yourself.

You can effectively remove the swelling of the legs with the following procedures:

1. Cold bath or compress on the swollen area.

2. Bath with anti-edema. Also try taking diuretics, such as cloudberries.

3. Gymnastics. This can be a special set of exercises for the legs, or a few simple exercises. Lie on your back, raise your legs at right angles to your body and shake them for a few minutes. Then, without changing the position, make a "bike", "scissors".

4. Sometimes, to relieve swelling of the feet, it is enough to take off shoes or give your feet a rest. It is best to lie down for 15-20 minutes, putting a small roller or pillow under your feet.

Prevention of swollen feet

Depending on the identified causes of edema of the feet, as a means of preventing edema, we can recommend the following.

1. During the day, try, if possible, to change the usual mode. If you have to stand or walk a lot - use even short breaks to sit down, giving your feet the rest they need. If you sit a lot - make it necessary to take small walks after each hour of work.

2. Try not to wear tight shoes, as well as high-heeled shoes, especially in summer.

3. Stockings or tights made of special compression knitwear will help to avoid swelling. But this is not a way out, but a means of short-term self-help.

4. Work on the development of muscle tone of your legs. Very good prevention of edema is aqua aerobics, cycling, running, tennis. Power sports are contraindicated.

5. After a working day, do a foot massage. You can use special oils or anti-edema gels.

6. During the day, try to eat foods with minimal salt and less fluids, especially sugary sodas.

If edema occurs regularly and no preventive and curative measures help, you need to see a doctor, as there is a high probability that the edema is caused by some hidden disease.