Stylish bed linen

We strive to make our home beautiful, we take the choice of furniture, interior design very seriously, we buy various decor elements, forgetting about the less visible but very important part of our house - the bed.

Remember the last time you approached the choice of bedding in terms of beauty and style? Probably it was the only time - before the wedding. Then life was wrapped in a gray veil under the eyes, thoughts, feelings ... If the appearance of the house at least a little updated from the standpoint of beauty and harmony, the bed linen was chosen and bought depending on your favorite color, quality material, nice pattern, but about style somehow did not think.

You ask why it is so important to have stylish bedding? There are several reasons.

 Healthy sleep

Sleep takes up a third of our lives. Its quality directly affects the state of our body, efficiency, optimism. Have you noticed that if you go to bed in a good mood, you wake up in the morning happy and well rested? Otherwise, regardless of the duration of sleep, in the morning - broken, lethargic, irritable

Of course, not always the day passes so that it was possible to go to bed in a good mood. But this is easy to change. What instantly causes a woman a joyful high spirits? Beautiful clothes, make-up, visiting a beautician or hairdresser, buying some cute new clothes ... You can't do this before going to bed.

But you can go to bed on a bed covered with beautiful bed linen. Taking off the cover and seeing bright, huge flowers or such realistic (just as alive!) Cats, the mood will rise in any woman! As a result, the quality of sleep increases, and, accordingly, the state of the body.

It should be noted that for a full healthy sleep you need to take care of the quality of bedding. For example, sleeping pillows are better to choose not too soft and small. On dimensional pillows, the head rises too high, which leads to early wrinkles on the neck, distorting the position of the cervical vertebrae.

Good rest is possible provided that the spine during sleep occupies a relaxed natural position. Inconvenient bed, improperly selected bedding leads to the fact that the spine does not rest in sleep, vital nerves and blood vessels are compressed, resulting in the morning - back pain, heavy head and others.

This situation can be avoided with the help of special orthopedic bedding that allows the spine and the whole body to occupy a free position in a dream. Thus, orthopedic pillows allow you to maintain a straight line between the neck and spine. Compression of nerves and blood vessels during sleep on such a pillow is completely excluded, the blood supply to the brain is not disrupted, and in the morning - a clear fresh head, excellent health, a feeling of influx.

Lady in everything!

If you want to be stylish, then style should be in everything, not just clothes, makeup, accessories, exterior design. And here the calculation is not so much on the guests or the husband, but on their own self-awareness and self-esteem.

It is said that a true gentleman is one who behaves alone as a gentleman. This also applies to the lady. Beautiful make-up, impeccable manicure and pedicure, stylish outfit - and in the sink unwashed dishes and on the bed faded grandmother's set with small faded flowers? This is not a lady. This is a fake game for the public.

Let the public see neither unwashed dishes nor ugly linen. At the subconscious level you will feel your inferiority, underreaching the ideal. Even if it never crystallizes into a clear conscious thought, the self-awareness of one's own falsehood will inevitably manifest itself in the energy field, nonverbal cues, and others will feel it. Style should be in everything.

Love ...

Do you think that if your partner does not notice the change in color of your hair, he will not notice the change in bed linen? Looking at what. He may not notice the change of ordinary underwear for the same. But stylish bedding will not go unnoticed if a man has at least 1% vision!

You've probably heard that family life erodes life and the habit that partners are cold to each other, that something needs to change. To this end, "experts" advise to make love in the elevator, go on a honeymoon, leaving the children with their grandmothers, walk around the apartment naked, and others. Advice, of course, is good, but not always realistic to follow.

Do not sigh so sadly when you once again hear or read the advice to make love on the roof of a skyscraper or do it in the park, behind the bushes, a meter from the alley where people walk. It is not necessary to add extremes to diversify your sex life. It will be enough ... to change usual bed linen on stylish, with what symbolic drawing

Modern technology allows you to make such realistic images on the fabric that the impression of rest is not on the bed, but, for example, in the Garden of Eden or in the wild prairie. There is a complete illusion of a change of place, although in fact you are all in the same marriage bed ...

Girls who want to seduce a man or tie a partner tighter, do not need to explain the great importance of stylish sexy lingerie. At such stages of relationship development, you see romance and create in everything. Candles, rose petals, sweet and fresh scent of essential oil, beautiful bed and he ...

Let the beauty be comprehensive, at all stages of life and in every corner of the house. Then life itself will seem more interesting, joyful, diverse!