Glamorous style in the interior of the apartment

Glamor is a lifestyle, and life is known to be a multifaceted concept. If you really want to be stylish, it is not enough to choose the right clothes and cosmetics. Style should be in everything, including the interior design of your apartment.

What are the characteristics of a glamorous interior?

Glamorous interior - the main features

Shine, luxury, elegant shapes and lines, expensive finishing materials - these are the main features of glamorous style in the interior of the home. The room, decorated in a similar style, resembles the luxurious rooms of ancient palaces and castles. Solid wallpapers are made of "silk" or "leather" wallpaper.

To make the interior harmonious, it is important to remember not only the appropriate selection of plumbing, furniture, decor items and other accessories, but also about windows, doors and even houseplants.

The installation of doors, made in a glamorous style, will create the mood of the home, starting from the entrance. Many door manufacturers care not only about the strength of their products, but also about their appearance, trying to develop and produce products with a design in line with the latest fashion trends. Outpost doors are no exception. Modern models successfully combine reliability and good design, and a variety of exterior design will allow you to choose a door for almost any interior.

Space in a glamorous interior style

The first and most important requirement - space should be plenty. It does not make sense to decorate the interior of small rooms in a glamorous style: instead of luxury, you will feel the poverty and "alienation" of glamorous elements in a cramped closet with low ceilings.

If you have a small apartment, it is better to decorate it in a different style, preferably using different technologies to visually enlarge the space (for example, with the help of lighting you can visually expand narrow corridors, increase the height of ceilings, etc.)


Luxurious, brilliant, truly royal. In fashion leather banner. And this applies not only to chairs and sofas, but bedside tables, tables, other furniture, panels.

A characteristic feature of the glamorous interior is the decoration of sofas, armchairs, other furniture, sofa cushions and decorative elements (eg, photo frames, lampshades, candlesticks, etc.) feathers, rhinestones, natural fur, rarely - lace.

Importantly! As mentioned above, glamorous style in the interior requires freedom of space. At the same time, many luxury furniture has a fairly large size. In order not to clutter the space, do not overload it with a lot of items and, if possible, try to arrange the furniture compactly.

Colors in a glamorous interior

Glamorous style offers a choice of three color solutions:

1. Monochrome design. Very fashionable is black for items that have traditionally been white (plumbing, consumer electronics, tiles), or pure white design of everything. The surface should be glossy, shiny.

2. Use two contrasting colors, such as black with white or red.

3. Interior decorated in warm beige, pink, with gold or silver shades.

Decor elements

There must be crystal (chandeliers, utensils) in the room. The glamorous interior has a large number of mirrors. Expensive tableware, exquisite paintings and sculptures, exotic plants, candlesticks, antiques are in vogue.

Shining rhinestones, ostrich feathers, natural furs, silver foil are also widely used in the decorative design of various items.

Pros and cons of glamorous style in the interior of the apartment

Minus one: the high cost of truly glamorous housing. There are many advantages: it is a feeling of luxury and beauty, and the creation of a full-fledged way of a stylish woman, finally, it is nice to live in such a room. All this can be combined into one big advantage: in a house that is decorated in a glamorous style, you will feel like a real queen!