Living room design options

The living room is the heart of the house. Almost all family members spend time in it, and each of them wants comfort. Therefore, the living room should be cozy, do not decorate it in an overly strict style. Classic and oriental designs are most often used, country and modern are also good.

Classic style involves the symmetry of the location of furniture, lighting, interior items. This living room is decorated in light and soft pastel colors.

Natural wood cabinets, sofas and armchairs upholstered with tapestry - a typical setting in a classic style. You can complement the design with interior items made of stone or bronze. Probably, your PVC windows, on which you should hang thick curtains and tulle, put a soft carpet on the floor.

Oriental style living rooms will add comfort to soft ottomans and lots of pillows. And instead of the usual sofa you should put a sofa. The walls can be decorated in white or red tones, bamboo wallpaper or at least inserts of them will look good.

Country-style living room walls are usually painted light. Furniture can be used almost any, but ideally put the restored old. Mandatory attribute of country style - textile and knitted napkins, cozy wicker and woven rugs. Chairs, armchairs and a sofa can be decorated with original covers with frills, openwork ruffles and ties. Instead of curtains you should hang thin curtains with a simple pattern: in a cage, stripe or flower.

The living room with large windows is best decorated in Art Nouveau style. In such an interior should be dominated by natural colors and simple shapes. It is recommended to use natural materials - wood, cotton, linen and leather. Transparent curtains or just blinds on the windows will complement the design of the room.

Regardless of the chosen style, the living room should be conveniently divided into zones in which it will be convenient and comfortable for each family member. It should also be remembered that the designs of all rooms in the house should harmonize.