Small bathroom design

A small bath today is not such a rare phenomenon. Modern apartments do not have as much free space as we would like. And the bath is no exception. How to make a small bathroom design stylish and modern? What to pay attention to in the first place, carrying out repairs in this place.

Small bath - make sketches

Before you start repairing, be sure to imagine how you want to see the design of a small bathroom. They say that there is nothing better than making your dreams come true. Do you think that limited space will not allow you to roam? Believe me, even in a very small bathroom there will always be room for bold ideas.

For example, how do you like a bathroom in a nautical style? It is definitely something fresh, light, devoid of dark colors and with a minimum of furniture. Being in such a bath, you will always feel your presence in a warm country, on the shores of the boundless sea.


It all starts with choosing a tile

Experts advise to create a design of a small bathroom from the selection of ceramic tiles for walls and floors. For a small room, choose a small tile of light shades. For example, a blue bathroom is ideal, because this color visually expands the space and refreshes the room. As a decoration of the walls of the bath, as well as its floor, you can use white tiles, and even the picture on it, also not very large, will come in handy.

We select plumbing

To make the design of a small bathroom pleasing to the eye in the future, be sure to pay attention to the selection of plumbing. If the room is very small, it is recommended to abandon the large bath and bath in principle. It is best to replace it with a stylish modern shower with glass doors. It will take up much less space, which is definitely a plus. Recently, a combination of bathroom and shower has become relevant. Well, it's more for those who can not imagine their lives without taking a bath. But the size of what you should not save, so it's a sink. Small, it is inconvenient to use and threatens to spill water, the inconvenience of its intended use. The design of a small bathroom with a glass sink looks very interesting. But not everyone will decide to acquire such beauty, and for obvious reasons. The sink can be angular, which will also help increase the space by at least a few inches


Furniture and additional accessories

What should be the furniture in a small bathroom? Except for a locker under the sink, and a couple of hinges. It is not necessary to try to build in it more, it is better to be limited to the minimum set which will suffice for placement of the most necessary.

If you want to create not just a stylish design of a small bathroom, but also make the room at least visually more spacious, then be sure to hang a large mirror. His usual place above the sink. The properties of the mirror to reflect the surrounding interior, thereby visually increasing the size of the room, has long been used in the decor of a variety of rooms.

And the last thing about all sorts of small accessories in the form of hooks and miniature shelves for soap and other accessories. The less you hang them on the wall, the more beautiful will be the design of your small bathroom. A few hooks will be enough to hang towels and 1-2 shelves for the most necessary. Suspended walls, including doors, create confusion, which in the case of a small room is completely unnecessary.