The fly lady system was developed by an American named Marla in the 20th century. Marla is convinced that every woman can be successful not only in her career, but also at home, realizing herself as a wonderful housewife. It would seem that these are completely incompatible concepts, however, as statistics show, it is successful women in their careers keep their home in perfect order, and at the same time they have time to always look great.

Autumn is in full swing. While she is still circling the leaves, stripping the trees naked, but very soon they will be covered by another garment - white fluffy snow .... And there is not far off and the New Year - always long-awaited, which promises fun and great trouble. Preparations for the most important holiday of the year begin long before its onset, and the last touch in it will be setting the New Year's table. In the originality of the decor, it is not inferior to the Christmas tree, so how to decorate the table for the New Year, you also have to think in advance. It only seems at first glance that the main thing for the New Year holiday - a richly set table with beautifully decorated dishes. In fact, its setting implies a lot of nuances and details that should be considered at least in order to provide a festive feast table a magical aura.

A holiday is a joy. It does not matter who is to blame for the celebration, you or a person close to you. The main thing is that there is a reason to meet, have fun, give or receive gifts ... If the "receive" usually does not cause problems, the "gift" sometimes brings a headache. What to choose, how to present?

It is always a pleasure to receive gifts. After all, a gift is a manifestation of respect, attention, love and sympathy. But it is even more pleasant to give gifts. What could be better than to see the sparkle in the eyes of loved ones, silent or stormy gratitude, a happy smile?

Each of you has, of course, close people, colleagues or just acquaintances. In general, those people who want to please and wish a Happy New Year. It is impossible to please everyone, and there is nothing to do.

"Where to rest in the winter at sea?" ... It seems that in today's world this is not such a rare issue. Especially among those who this time again were late with a vacation trip, and now trying to make up for lost time. We learned that a total of one third of the population of our country does not find time in the summer to escape from the stuffy, dusty city.

Modern young mother must have time to do everything: cook, wash, clean the house, go shopping, and pay attention to the baby. Agree that to do it with a stroller, it is extremely difficult, and on hands of the kid too you do not bear for a long time: both the back gets tired, and hands are constantly occupied. You can make your life easier with the help of a simple, straightforward and extremely convenient device - a sling. This is the so-called bandage, which began to be used many centuries ago. In order to feel all its benefits, you need to know how to use a sling. There is nothing complicated in this, but you still have to get used to and train. The most common are sling scarf and sling with rings.

One of the most important events in life everyone wants to celebrate with dignity. A lavish wedding is accompanied by many worries and endless expenses.

Today, there are many ways to calculate future expenses without leaving home. The girls actively visit the online store of perfumes, clothes and other sites, study the value of goods and only then make purchases.

The first scarves appeared two thousand years ago. How well this accessory combines with the image of a person depends on how impressive it will look against others. The scarf not only warms, but also can simply create a good mood, help to remove shortcomings or emphasize advantages.

Most of the time of year is occupied by spring and autumn days. A full summer with the scorching sun and ice cream flies so fast that you do not have time to hide warm clothes in the farthest closet. That is why much attention is paid to spring and autumn clothes, because it is, in fact, and form an opinion about our taste in clothing.

The birth of a new life is always a holiday, the greatest happiness in the life of almost every woman. On such days, a woman is hurried to congratulate her on the birth of a child by colleagues, parents, husband, friends. And the question arises: what can be given on such days, so as not to harm the mother and the newborn baby?

The amazing beauty of silk captures the eye and gives pleasure to the body when you touch this wonderful fabric. For thousands of years, people have valued this wonderful gift of nature, and in China, even created pieces of special imperial silk, inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

Even clothes made of this fabric could afford only very rich people, not to mention such a luxury as silk sheets and bedspreads.