Silk bed linen is inexpensive and comfortable

The amazing beauty of silk captures the eye and gives pleasure to the body when you touch this wonderful fabric. For thousands of years, people have valued this wonderful gift of nature, and in China, even created pieces of special imperial silk, inaccessible to ordinary mortals.

Even clothes made of this fabric could afford only very rich people, not to mention such a luxury as silk sheets and bedspreads.

However, the secret of Chinese craftsmen gradually spread around the world, and silk began to be produced in Europe. For example, Lyon fabrics were famous - from the French city of Lyon. Silk became more and more widespread, and although it remained an elite commodity, it gradually became more accessible. Then they began to sew from it and sheets, and other bed linen. Of course, for the first persons of Europe: kings, dukes, counts. For example, the black silk bed was in the love of Queen Margot.

Nowadays you can find silk bedding with cheap delivery. Currently, there are a number of companies in China or Turkey that produce silk bedding at reasonable prices.

What is so good about lingerie, other than for reasons of luxury and prestige? Silk bed linen is incredibly pleasant to the touch, has a smooth and delicate texture. The fabric is quite elastic.

Natural silk - good for the skin, environmentally friendly material. This natural fabric has high hygiene. And for such a bed is characterized by a pleasant coolness, which is remembered by everyone who has ever spent the night on silk sheets.

And it's just beautiful!

Are there any disadvantages to silk linen?

Silk linen, having a smooth surface, slips, can form folds, waves, it must be corrected often, especially if a person is characterized by restless sleep. If you do not want the linen to slip out of bed, choose non-slip silk fabrics: crepe de chine, wet silk. They will not roll off the mattress like smoother fabrics.

If you want to buy the most "slippery" smooth underwear, because you like its cool touch to the body, you can advise to sew or order in the studio sheets on elastic, using silk crepe for sheets, because it is the most elastic, not only along but also diagonally. Elastic bedding can be created from the usual ready-made kit bought in the store.