How to congratulate a woman on the birth of a child

The birth of a new life is always a holiday, the greatest happiness in the life of almost every woman. On such days, a woman is hurried to congratulate her on the birth of a child by colleagues, parents, husband, friends. And the question arises: what can be given on such days, so as not to harm the mother and the newborn baby?

Very often in such cases flowers are given. But there are some nuances. Usually in maternity hospitals do not allow to put fresh flowers in the ward. Since flowers can adversely affect the closed and sterile space. Therefore, if you decide to order flower delivery to the maternity hospital, keep in mind that most likely the woman will see your gorgeous bouquet, but it will remain with the nurse on the table or in the waiting room.

It will be more appropriate to give flowers when discharged from the hospital. Or bring the bouquet home on the day of discharge. A basket of bright and delicate flowers will be perfect. For example, orchids, eustoma, irises, cream or white roses, alstroemeria. Flower basket does not require care, it can be placed on the floor or table depending on the size. A large bouquet of roses - pink, white, red - will also be appropriate. After all, roses are an invariable classic that you always like.

Flowers play the most important role, as flowers carry the life that nature has given them. And in any house where there is a newborn baby, a bouquet or a composition of flowers will look especially harmonious.

Unusual and cute you can congratulate a woman on the birth of a child, if there is a cake on the holiday table with booties, pacifiers and other attributes of a small child. A woman after childbirth can afford to eat a piece of dessert. But when ordering a cake you need to specify its composition. Be sure to learn about the ingredients so that the sponge cake is on eggs and flour, not powder, natural cream. The presence of fruits, nuts, chocolate, candied fruit. Well, the color of the cake to order should be pastel and not bright. Since the brighter the cake, the more dye in it. Many confectioners know what a cake for a newborn should look like. See the catalog of children's works. Don't forget the beautiful, congratulatory lettering on the cake. Every little thing gives the cake meaning, especially on this day.

It is now popular to decorate custom cakes with mastic - sugar or marshmallow sweet paste, which has no pronounced taste. In the layer between the biscuits is usually cream - vegetable or animal (milk-based). The fruit in the cake can be fresh or cooked in sugar syrup.