How to tie knitted scarves

The first scarves appeared two thousand years ago. How well this accessory combines with the image of a person depends on how impressive it will look against others. The scarf not only warms, but also can simply create a good mood, help to remove shortcomings or emphasize advantages.

Today, there are many stores that offer their customers a large selection of hats and scarves. It is in such stores that most members of the fair sex choose accessories. Such accessories can be selected in different colors, styles, materials, styles. Particular attention in such stores is paid to scarves. The most demanding fashionistas can order individual exclusive things.

Currently in the world of fashion there are the following types of women's scarves: printed, plain, silk, knitted, as well as with various ornaments, including hand-painted.

In order for such an item of clothing to look good and complement the created image, it is necessary to tie it properly. There are several ways to help emphasize your personality using a scarf.

The first method creates elegance and austerity of the image. Usually a silk scarf is used for this type, but other fabrics can also be used. The method of tying is a knot in the middle, and the ends are wrapped around the neck and passed through this knot in front. When buying women's hats in bulk, they rarely think about what kind of scarf they will wear with them, and only after they buy a hat in the store, they start to choose a scarf for it.

Knitted scarves look very impressive with sports jackets and coats, depending on the size - adds to the image of a mood. Usually a knitted scarf is tied with a knot in front, but this accessory also looks relevant if you just wrap it around your neck and hang the ends back. A little carelessness only emphasizes a woman's elegance.

It is not necessary to support classical canons, any experiment gives birth to a bright individual style. The sophistication of the image can be emphasized by simply throwing a wide knitted scarf over your shoulder. You can use other methods: tie on the waist or hips.

The scarf is the detail of the costume that emphasizes individuality. And knitted things have a dual function, they not only create warmth, but also make the image shabby, more complete. That is why many women today choose exclusively knitted things as a profitable accessory to their suit.