Where to relax in the winter at sea?

"Where to rest in the winter at sea?" ... It seems that in today's world this is not such a rare issue. Especially among those who this time again were late with a vacation trip, and now trying to make up for lost time. We learned that a total of one third of the population of our country does not find time in the summer to escape from the stuffy, dusty city.

For them, it would seem, quite imperceptibly, autumn creeps in at first, and then winter is just around the corner, and the long-awaited vacation has not yet come.

Did you recognize yourself?

Well, that's right ... This is no reason to be upset. If you wish, you will still have time to rest. After all, it is never too late to meet the sea.

In our article we will try to tell you about all the possible options, but before we solve the problem of where to rest in the winter at sea, let's understand this. - How do you imagine your vacation? According to statistics, all vacationers can be divided into three main groups, so first try to determine which of the three groups you belong to:

  • you are tired, frozen, you dream of basking in the warm sun, sunbathing, swimming and devouring exotic fruits;
  • your whole life is in a crazy work rhythm, and all you want now is to be alone or together with a loved one, wander the desert shore, breathe the salty air
  • and gather strength for the future jerk.
  • you are tired of everyday life, and being an active person by nature, you want extreme and new unusual emotions and feelings.

Now in order:

  • So, if you have chosen the first item on our list, the question of where to relax in the winter at sea for you to decide to visit warm countries. Most likely, you will enjoy trips to Egypt, India, Thailand, Indonesia, Cuba, the United Arab Emirates. - And this is not a complete list of places you should go. They are just right for those who have not managed to relax on the beach this summer. Choosing a country is definitely a matter of taste and financial capabilities.
  • For a full holiday in India, Thailand or Indonesia, you will need longer, as flights there are long and so it often happens that a seven-day tour turns into just a real 4-5 days spent on the beach, and everything else will take the road. By the way, it is because of the flights that the cost of the tours themselves increases.
  • When the question of where to rest in the winter at sea, are asked eternally busy and tired people, then, most likely, by vacation, they do not mean the sea itself, but the ability to change the situation. And the sea is always beautiful and attractive. - Its infinite distance is able to calm down, adjust to a positive and measured mood. We would like to offer a holiday in the northern regions of Europe, for example, to visit the Baltics. Here you can wander around the already deserted promenades, have dinner in one of the many cozy cafes by the sea, wrapped in a warm blanket, talk, dream.
  • And finally, where to relax in the winter at sea as an active tourist. We would suggest you visit one of the northern countries, such as Sweden, Norway or Finland. All three countries are well located by the sea, so you can easily alternate skiing with walks and noisy gatherings with friends on the beach.