Exercises during pregnancy: how to do the trimesters

Expecting a baby is the most awe-inspiring and exciting period in a woman's life. However, some people mistakenly associate pregnancy with the disease and try to stay in bed. Remember that life is a movement, so you should not limit yourself in physical activity, even in such a delicate moment. What are the features of exercise during pregnancy?

Load limitation

Strict control over your condition should be the basis of your physical therapy. Be sure to consult with your gynecologist about whether you can exercise during pregnancy. Here is a list of contraindications to exercise:

  • Threat of abortion
  • Increased uterine tone
  • Pain in the lower abdomen
  • Bloody discharge
  • Severe toxicosis
  • Polyhydramnios

In any case, focus solely on your own feelings. If sports cause discomfort, then abandon them during pregnancy or try to change the type of load. For example, most expectant mothers enjoy yoga.

Exercises during pregnancy in the first trimester

The first 12 weeks of pregnancy are considered by doctors to be the most unstable and dangerous. There is still a high risk of miscarriage, and the mother does not feel better due to toxicosis and constant drowsiness. During this period it is necessary to exclude any load on the press, it is better to pay attention to breathing exercises. Also deal with the muscles of the chest, which suffer a lot during childbirth and subsequent feeding. Excellent exercise for the cervical spine: spread your arms apart and move your thumb. Turn the brush of the right hand so that the finger is facing up, and the left hand unfold in the opposite direction. Turn your head to the right, then slowly to the left. When turning the head, change the position of the hands. Lean on the back of the chair with both hands and do shallow squats. Such exercises during pregnancy help to relieve the load on the pelvic floor muscles and prepare the joints for the next load.
Any circular movements in the elbows, knees and hips will be an excellent prevention of further problems. Connect the palms of the hands on the chest, spreading the elbows to the sides. Squeeze your palms with force, feeling the tension in the chest muscles.
Place one hand on your abdomen and the other on your chest. Try to breathe so that only the abdomen moves.

Exercises during pregnancy in the second trimester

You have already realized that the baby has settled in the abdomen. The toxicosis is gradually receding, and the movements still remain light. This is a great time to play sports. We suggest you visit aqua aerobics for pregnant women. It's quite effective and exciting. You can do the following exercises at home.

Start with a warm-up of the neck: circular movements of the head, as well as inclinations. Be extremely careful and avoid sudden movements.
Next, go to the slopes of the body, keeping your hands on your waist.
Rotation of the thighs helps to relieve the load on the lumbar spine and simply lifts the mood. Make sure the case stays in place.
Remember to perform the chest muscle exercises described above.
Sit on your heels and reach forward with your hands. Feel the spine stretch. If you already feel back pain, then this exercise will help you cope with them.

Exercises during pregnancy in the third trimester

There are only a couple of months left before the meeting with the baby. A big tummy already prevents you from moving quickly and easily, but this is no reason to give up exercise. If your condition does not cause concern to the doctor, you can safely start gymnastics.

Sit on the floor with your knees apart and your feet closed. Try to lower your knees as low as possible, helping yourself with your hands. This exercise will help increase the stretching of the perineal muscles to avoid ruptures during childbirth.
We strongly recommend that you get a fitball. This is a great exercise machine for expectant mothers, and soon you will be able to use it for exciting gymnastics with your baby. On a big ball you can just jump while sitting, which will be a great load on the leg muscles.
Lie on the fitball with your back, arms and legs while holding on the floor. Pump the ball a little and you will feel the pain in the spine recede. Exercises during pregnancy on fitball are sure to lift your spirits.
Well, it is the favorite exercise of all pregnant women - "cat". Now make a bend up. In a few minutes you will feel an incredible lightness in the back, but the pain will go away without a trace.

You have noticed varicose veins in your position, do not be upset. Learn what to do in this case. If you are in a great state of anticipation of the baby, then any of your actions should bring only joy. Try to enjoy sports, because it is so useful for you and your baby.