How to quit smoking during pregnancy?

Another mistake or common excuse is that quitting smoking makes no sense because harmful substances have already accumulated in the body. Isn't it true - it's never too late to quit. Every cigarette smoked during pregnancy affects the baby. Therefore, even reducing the number of cigarettes per day makes sense.

After all, the child experiences oxygen starvation during each mother smokes cigarettes, and it can affect mental and physical development. It's like "Russian roulette" - you never know which shot will be deadly. Toxic substances that enter the baby's body along with blood flow, weaken the immune system, children born to mothers, are more prone to various infections, as well as respiratory diseases. Therefore, during pregnancy it is necessary to make every effort to give up cigarettes.

How to do it?

Smoking is a difficult habit to eradicate, but not fatal. You can eat with it! Don't tell yourself it's hard, it's possible. Instead of a report on dry advice, here are the recommendations of women who quit smoking during pregnancy.

* Tatiana (10 years of smoking experience): “I managed to quit in a couple of weeks: in the beginning I immediately halved the number of cigarettes smoked per day and switched to lighter ones. Then every day I smoked less cigarettes than the previous one. When you fully realize that you are developing a man, there is a powerful incentive to quit smoking.

Incentive is the first rule. Love for your child is a very strong driving force, so even if other attempts to quit smoking have failed, now we have to get it. Now you are stronger, you two!

* Olena (8 years of smoking experience): “I can say one thing: during the toxicosis I was bored with literally everything and this, in my case, was a big plus. I just couldn't smoke, and then I read that with each puff the child's blood circulation deteriorates and he seems to suffocate. That was enough for me to quit once and for all. "

Early toxicosis also helps the body to rebuild naturally. In 50% of cases, women have a disgusting smell and taste of smoke, which creates an excellent prerequisite for quitting smoking, which is a sin not to use.

* Anna (15 years of smoking experience): “I went to a psychologist for advice. I was advised to buy the cheapest and most smelly cigarettes and smoke them as soon as desired, but in a dark room and gloves. So there is no feeling of cigarettes in the fingers, and the smoke is not visible, there is only a terrible taste of cigarettes. I did everything that way - the desire to smoke disappeared in 3 days. "

Use the help of a specialist, perhaps the problem of addiction to cigarettes is purely psychological. There are many methods, they all work individually: some - great, others - so-so, someone does not help. The specialist will be able to choose the program best suited for each case. Try at least reading Alain Carr's book "The Easy Way to Quit Smoking" - it really helps a lot!


Remember that quitting smoking is much easier when you are not smoking in your environment. Avoid companies with a lot of people who smoke. Ideally, the father of the future baby should also give up cigarettes, because even passive smoking affects the health of the mother and baby. When you want to fail, think of your child, he breathes your lungs. When you smoke, he suffers and suffocates. By giving up cigarettes, you will make him happy. Remember this!