How to choose a child's name?

Almost from the first day of her pregnancy, the young mother begins to worry about choosing a name for the child and goes through hundreds of possible options. Here, the expectant mother must be careful, because she has to please the name not only herself, her husband and relatives, but also the unborn child. We offer a choice of several ways to choose the name of your baby.

According to tradition

Deeply believing people choose a child's name in accordance with Orthodox traditions - the child is given a name in honor of a saint who was born on this day. The day of the child's baptism becomes the day of the Angel, and then the saint will protect the child named after him throughout his life. It is not necessary to choose the name of the saint strictly on the child's birthday, you can choose a name for the entire month of birth.

By date of birth

People born in a certain month have similar characters and interests, so you can choose a child's name depending on his zodiac sign. But here it is better to be guided not only by the month of birth, but to make an individual horoscope of birth and already on it to choose a name. You can turn to astrologers, they will see all the features of the child's horoscope and choose a name for him, which will later become his lucky mascot.

By the meaning of the name

Any name has a meaning that is given to a person. The name can have no less influence on a person's destiny and character than the date of birth. Therefore, you should be careful with the choice of name and when choosing not to be guided by its sonority, but rather to make sure that it best suits the baby. A simple set of letters of the name can reprogram a person and bring him into conflict with his temperament.

Pay attention to the combination of sounds in the name - for example, in the name of Igor some calls are consonants, which means that such a person will not be modest and inconspicuous. Gregory points to the independence, zeal of the owner of such names. The name Maria also does not speak of softness of character, but the abbreviated version of Masha indicates a quieter girl. Names: Galina, Catherine, Vasily, Oksana talk about toughness of character and the ability to get out of any situation. Consonant "w" in the name indicates punctuality, prudence in character. Open and sincere people often have such names as Nastya, Vira, Lyubov, Timofiy, Vira. It is "pure" and spiritual - the name of Sophia. But more neutral and average names are Svetlana and Sergei.

But how to determine the character of a very young child? Here you will be helped by maternal instinct, even in the womb the mother feels the character of her child: a quiet baby behaves calmly, and more active pushes and constantly declares its existence, and after birth the child will begin to constantly show their temperament. A modest baby tries not to bother his mother once again, and just give others an excuse to attract attention. And if you call the baby an unusual name for him, he will feel out of place and as if constantly on two fronts - with his natural temperament and how he is affected by the name.

By the names of relatives

Young people like to name their children after their relatives, but they do not think that a child can not always repeat the happy fate of another person. And to avoid confusion, it is better to move away from the same names in the same family.

Particular attention should be paid to the child's father, and more precisely how it will be combined with the child's name. Very often the father can influence the name and change its meaning for better or worse. Therefore, be careful when choosing a name, do not forget to consider its combination with the patronymic.

In fashion

Fans of fashion trends do not like to worry about choosing anything, but prefer to follow fashion. So they come when choosing a name and call the child the most fashionable name this season. Recently, there is also a tendency to call a child by old Ukrainian names - Barbara, Matthew, Savely, Zlata, Velena, or old names of other countries - Akil, Sergei, Octavian, Olympiad. It is no less fashionable to name children after the first people, Adam and Eve, as well as after the gods Apollo, Cyrus, Hera, Zeus, and others.

Of course, you have every right to name your child as you wish, but think about whether the child will like his name when he grows up. There is enough time for you to calmly think about your name - the whole time of pregnancy and a few months after birth. I think that as soon as you see your baby, you will immediately decide which name suits him best.