Chokeberry during pregnancy

Chokeberry contains so many vitamins, trace elements and nutrients that they ensure proper fetal growth and good health of the expectant mother. Chokeberry has almost no contraindications, but during pregnancy, any change in diet should be agreed with your doctor.

The composition of chokeberry

Chokeberry contains such useful substances as: ascorbic, malic and folic acid, iron and iodine, copper and fluorine, zinc and pyridoxine, thiamine and tocopherol, riboflavin. It contains a rich set of B vitamins, vitamin C, E, K, PP, carotene and trace elements. There are also tannins, pectins, anthocyanins and flavonoids. Iodine is 4 times more in chokeberry than in other berries. Rowan contains the daily norm of vitamin R.

The benefits of chokeberry for pregnant women

During pregnancy, flavonoids, which are part of chokeberry, help reduce the permeability and fragility of capillaries. Rowan improves the elasticity and resilience of other vessels. It helps fight anemia in pregnant and unborn children. Pectins and tannins in chokeberry help to remove from the body radioactive substances, pathogens and heavy metals.

Berries strengthen the immune system. And the leaves have a biliary effect and help improve the work of the liver. Chokeberry has diuretic, anti-inflammatory, anti-allergenic and radioprotective properties. Regular consumption has a positive effect on digestion, improves appetite, helps to normalize blood pressure, which is important for pregnant women. It should be eaten if the thyroid gland is dysfunctional. With allergies, neurodermatitis, eczema chokeberry can be used externally.

In what form is it better to eat chokeberry?

Rowan berries can be eaten both dried and fresh. It is used to make fruit tea and jams, grind with sugar, boil, making jelly, jam, syrups and jams. Be sure to consult your doctor before taking chokeberry preparations during pregnancy and eating fresh mountain ash.

Useful recipes from chokeberry for pregnant women

Grated chokeberry with sugar will benefit during pregnancy. Eat it 2 times a day for 100 g. 700 g of sugar grind with 1 kg of berries with a wooden spatula. Blackcurrant and chokeberry puree will help with anemia. Proportion 1 to 1. If desired, add honey or sugar.


If there is increased blood clotting or gastritis, excessive consumption of chokeberry is undesirable.

Chokeberry has many vitamins and nutrients. All of them have a beneficial effect on the health of the unborn child and mother. Rowan remains useful in any form, both frozen and boiled. If you want your baby to be healthy, pay attention to this wonderful berry.