Divination of the groom: to believe or not?

From time immemorial, girls wanted to open the veil of the future, thinking of their destiny. How does he look like? What is his name? Where and when is the fateful meeting? There are many divination rites performed by girls at Christmas, Baptism, Ivan Kupala. There are also ways of divination, which can be used not only on holidays.

We, the children of the twenty-first century, treat divination with apparent distrust. However, will there be at least one girl or woman who has never guessed at the convict? Let in deep youth, let not on the initiative, and simply for the company with girlfriends, but divinations on the judge were. Is it possible to learn the truth about your future in this way? And can you believe the results of divination?

The site for women offers to first understand what are the ways to guess at the future husband.

Ways of divination on the convict

1. Festive. Performed on a festive night (Christmas, Ivan Kupala, Baptism). Here there is a release of wreaths into the river, and throwing boots across the house - we will not dwell in detail on these methods, because they are already very well known from the grandmothers and folklore, and perform most rituals in the metropolis will not work.

2. Trying to get an answer in a dream. Put a bowl of water near the bed, placing sticks on it in the form of a bridge. Ask the judge aloud to cross the bridge. Or put a comb and ask to comb. The judge must appear in a dream.

The man you love most often dreams. But not because he really is your destiny. You think of a loved one, and dreams are a reflection of thoughts.

3. Rituals performed with mirrors, candles and other objects. Usually performed in an empty room at midnight, accompanied by many prohibitions (it is impossible for the room to have knives, sharp objects, etc.). The judge, depending on the rite, must appear either in the mirror in front of which is a lighted candle, or comes into the room. It is believed that the image of the judge takes on an evil spirit. It is not known whether the representatives of the dark forces really come as a result of such methods of divination. But the charge of adrenaline is provided

4. Divination "Who is the first?". Several girls take part in divination. There are several variations of divination, but the goal is always the same: to get an answer to the question "Who will be the first to get married?". You can take one shoe of each of the girls, mix, put in a line from door to window and sequentially rearrange in order. Whose shoe will touch the wall first, and the girl will be the first to get married.

Another option: take the bulbs, plant them in the ground, noticing where whose. The girl whose bulb will rise first, and will be the bride before his girlfriends.

5. Visit to the fortune teller. We will not even dwell on this in detail

6. Modern fashion. For example, on the Internet, through special sites. Are such predictions plausible? The theory of probability which laws are put in "fortune-telling" programs will tell about it.

Do divinations on the convict come true?

Some claim that everything came true. Others - on the contrary, that everything turned out not as predicted. Who is right?

First, both of them eventually forget some of the facts. Secondly, it is necessary to take into account how many times divination was made, in what ways the results fell out. For example, if you guessed in 10 ways, and one of them really told the truth, you will tell your girlfriends that you were divining the convict, and the divination came true. And the other 9 ways? You won't even mention them.

So it is difficult to derive more or less accurate statistics. But it is safe to say that divination comes true by 50 percent.

What can be useful divination of the convict

They inspire faith. We bring a lot of trouble into our lives by ourselves, our behavior, mood, negative thoughts and hopes. Sometimes it is enough to find a firm belief in something, and victory is guaranteed.

If a girl does not manage to build a strong relationship for a long time, there may be a complex, they say, I'm bad, no one needs, I will remain an old virgin, etc. It is clear that with such a mood it is unlikely she will be able to establish a normal relationship that will end in marriage.

But here the girl with the help of divination learns that everything will be fine with her, she will meet her convict, not now, let in a year or two - the main thing that will meet. And she will have a husband, children, a kitchen with pink curtains, in the summer - a vacation at sea with the whole family, for the New Year - a Christmas tree, gifts and photographing celebrations with your own camera. Already with your positive mood, faith in yourself and your happy destiny you can change the scenario of a lifetime!

Such support is needed not only for girls, but also for divorced women, especially those who went on divorce not on their own initiative. The worse a person feels, the more he tends to believe in divination. Even if the mind opposes, the soul needs support from the outside, and here all means are good.

Self-deception? Let. The main thing is that it helps to restore self-belief, to restore a positive mood.

What can harm divination on the convict

All the same belief in the results of divination can bring not only benefits but also harm. In case the result is negative. Or if divination of the convict told, for example, that your destiny is a blond named Sasha, and you are waiting for a meeting with him, not noticing the brunette Sergei, who is perfect for you, loves, misses, cares, but in vain - no He "fell" to you in your divination. The latter option is not common, but, nevertheless, it is responsible for a certain percentage of failed relationships.

Summing up, we can conclude that divination is of some benefit if a good result is predicted. It is also important to understand that the result of divination is not your destiny, but one of the possible options for a life scenario that can (and sometimes should) be changed.

Take from divination on the judge the best that they can tell you. Believe in your attractiveness and meeting your destiny, and then in your life there will definitely be romantic nights under a diamond scattering of stars, and a snow-white dress with a veil, and festive flashes - it's wedding photography, and a honeymoon under exotic palm trees, and sweet children, and a strong happy family - in short, everything you dream of and would like to get from life

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