He changed HER ... AND SHE changed so that she didn't need him!

Oh my! A couple of days ago, SHE persuaded a friend who had been betrayed by her husband to become kinder to men. After all, not everyone is like that! SHE was sitting in a cozy kitchen, where it smelled like freshly baked cake and cheesecakes. But until recently, SHE did not know how to cook. For his sake, she learned to bake pies, and irons shirts in a way that even his mother could not. That evening, few could recognize her zealous nightclub party girl and the vamp woman she was until she met her faithful. He did not call for marriage. So they began to live together.

Lived only 3 years, as ... Oh no! He could not lie so brazenly, not think about how to behave before changing.

Life after betrayal

No, SHE was not against betrayal. Once upon a time SHE herself was a mistress. And she knew perfectly well all the men's "tricks" - what they lie, how they lie, how they behave. And here ... Moreover, she was infuriated not by the fact of betrayal, but by the fact that he failed to hide it.

SHE immediately said, "Do you have anyone?" There were screams, aggression on his part, accusations ... In short, he proved once again that HER suspicions were justified.

Not caught - not a thief. But the tests she passed to the gynecologist the next day confirmed HER suspicions. Yes, these minor viruses could appear from water, and from antibiotics, and from nervous overstrain. But she knew her body - she had this virus ONLY FROM CHANGING PARTNERS. "Super!" - She thought - "I didn't even notice how I slept with someone ..."

Yes, SHE could not blame him. But I felt. Women will understand what it's like to FEEL with all your heart this nasty wind of betrayal, which cools the blood in your veins, makes you feel like a worthless, ugly woman who is unable to satisfy her husband ...

What's next?

Well, although SHE was not weak, she knew her personality. She understood that she could not avoid him, because she depended on him financially. And go nowhere. She had no relatives.

SHE decided to quietly begin a new phase of her life. Went to another city. Fortunately, studying in another city helped to create an alibi - then for a session, then for study ... missed the man paid for all trips. SHE agreed with a friend who lived in another city that she would live with her for a small amount a month. And it's easier for my friend, and she's fine. You can at least get some rest from his lies and get your brains in order.

What shall I do? What to do? She was always happy with her hometown, never thought about moving. And here it was necessary ...

"So what can I do?" - I asked myself a question. The list was small, so during the life together with him SHE relaxed, "fell off track." And, at the same time, something was found. SHE decided to give lectures on the psychology of female sexuality. What she once taught before she met him.

While her friend was at work, SHE went around all the educational centers she saw in the newspapers, brought training programs, even went to fitness clubs. Nothing came of it. Every night, SHE called him and told him "how everything went at the institute", because "officially" SHE was at the session. She began to think about returning to him, because she saw no other way out. And here, after drinking a glass of wine, we talked to a friend.

How to behave after betrayal?

SHE told about her unsuccessful trips to the centers, that people are not interested, that she does not know what to do. And then a friend gave a killer phrase: "Mas, you do not take offense, but look at yourself! What are the courses of female sexuality? Of course, you used to be different, and people were interested in listening to a course with an interesting, beautiful woman. And now - what are these sneakers and warm sweaters? Of course, it's cold! But before, for the sake of beauty, you were ready to tremble from the cold, but to walk in high heels, in sexy dresses ... "

It was as if she had been struck by an electric shock. Of course, it is better to hear this from a friend than from other people. And the next day, together they began to create HER new appearance. Of course, it was cool in 20 years to wear mini-skirts, boots, etc. sexy attributes. But now ... SHE is old. And these attributes would only emphasize this.

Together, the friends realized that just shopping, hairdresser and makeup artist will not help. It took something else. Psychologist? It will not improve the appearance. And found on the Internet ads "Image Center. Creating an image. At first we thought it was a normal salon, but when we got there, we saw the opposite. In front of them was a real image maker! The woman was so harmonious that it is very difficult to convey in words.

In a few minutes HER transformations began! SHE felt them at the first consultation, where they began to delve into psychology and disassemble her personality. SHE learned about the principles of harmony, about the magic of color, about how to be sexy and desirable, regardless of age. Her transformation was impossible not to notice. Another, softer hair color, elegant makeup, which seemed to be absent at all, elegant clothing style, cool accessories ...

And the manner? What has now become HER manner of presenting herself? It was a must see! If before SHE was a sexually aggressive cat, now she was a real woman, harmonious, well-groomed, stylish. I wanted to touch HER, talk to HER. No matter what, the main thing is to stay longer in HER presence!

"Now you can at least go to the reception for the president," her friend whispered happily.

Action plan

The next day, SHE printed proposals for educational centers - they were nicely packaged, contained all the programs and attached to her photo as a specialist. This was also advised to her by an image-maker, so “Which specialist will go and offer his services himself? So, he is not quite a specialist. " That was the truth. The courier spread the information and ... no calls followed ...

It was a disappointment ... But SHE did not despair. After all, now she is different, confident. The "session" was coming to an end, and we had to return. "Well, friend, thank you. Maybe someday I'll come back, maybe not. "

When she arrived from the "session", his face needed to be seen. It was delight, embarrassment, jealousy, guilt and remorse! He has not taken such emotional cocktails for a long time. He was shocked by WHAT WOMAN was next to him! A beautiful evening of intimacy complemented HER self-confidence.

The next day he saw that she was being called about some trainings and invited to give lectures. "As? You are going? Again? Why? I provide for you. Everything you need, I give you! "- He whispered. His eyes begged for forgiveness. "No, darling, you can't give me one thing - self-expression. It is more expensive than any money "...

Several years have passed since then. SHE is a successful lecturer, HER lectures are scheduled for the month ahead. And SHE feels great pleasure from having received everything herself. With her intelligence, beauty and feminine attractiveness. SHE thinks of him with ... gratitude. After all, if he hadn't changed her, maybe SHE wouldn't have revealed herself ... REALLY ...

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