Fell in love with a friend: how to be?

Is there a friendship between a man and a woman? Someone sincerely believes that it is, but the reality from time to time proves that sooner or later such a relationship goes to a completely different level. What to do if you suddenly find that you have begun to feel completely unfriendly feelings for your friend? And what if it's your boyfriend's friend or even more seriously your husband's best friend? So what to do if you fall in love with a friend, tell the site slimgoods.

Why I fell in love with my best friend

In fact, everything here is natural. We are created so that it is quite natural for us to feel tender feelings for members of the opposite sex. And here often our inner being plays an evil joke with us. After all, if this person is always there, always ready to come to the rescue, then he begins to play an important role in our minds and invariably begins to grow commitment to him.

Gradually you realize that this friend is becoming more and more necessary - because how to get out of a difficult situation without the help of an indispensable friend. Gratitude grows in response to his help. And all these feelings and emotions gradually grow into something more global and often, when we begin to realize it, it is too late - it has come true. And suddenly one fine morning a very conscious thought appears in my head - I fell in love with a friend.

What to do if you fell in love with your best friend

First, you need to decide on your own feelings and desires: is it really love or love-gratitude? It is no less important to try to find out the depth of his feelings, and just their presence - this will be the second. And third, try to answer honestly: do I always want to be with this person?

Yes, it's easy to say, but to do ... In fact, to determine the depth and seriousness of their feelings is extremely difficult, but it is necessary to try.

Why am I talking about this? Too often, best friends break up pretty quickly after a strong outburst of emotion. What is the reason? Maybe it was love. Or maybe just a desire to conquer. This often happens under the influence of jealousy and feelings of ownership - suddenly this friend began to communicate with another girl, because now he will be able to give you much less time.

Therefore, I would like to emphasize once again - it is very important to determine the motives - WHY you fell in love with your best friend, and then you need to think what to do in this situation - run away from these feelings, extinguish them or develop a serious relationship with this friend. But it's easy to do if it's your friend and you're both free. But there are other, more difficult situations.

She fell in love with her boyfriend's friend

This situation is much more serious. After all, there is still the question of the relationship with the guy and the guy's relationship with this friend. Too many people fall into the current situation. Here you need to think even more seriously about each step.

But the sequence is the same.

Why I fell in love with a friend. Maybe your heart just compares these two men, and your boyfriend's friend appears in a more attractive light. We need to find out if this is really the case. The fact is that when we communicate closely with a person, we begin to see not only the advantages but also the disadvantages of a loved one. You may have already seen some flaws in your boyfriend, but a friend has not yet shown himself in all its glory. You can just decorate it in your imagination. If so, try to observe this friend in conflict situations - probably, your feelings for him will simply dissipate and the problem will disappear. If he really has more attractive qualities for you, you should think: is your boyfriend the man you need in life?

What do I want? If you are convinced that your boyfriend does not suit you, then you need to take a risk in your relationship - because it will be just dishonest to him, and to yourself too. If it is a pity, it is still necessary to carry out this feature. Unfortunately, you will not build happiness, and it is unlikely to make another happy. And then think about whether to build a relationship with one guy (too many consequences can occur, whether you can overcome such difficulties). After all, it may seem to you that you fell in love with a friend, but in fact, he just looks more attractive than your boyfriend. Perhaps the best solution is to part with both and try to find a third who can meet your needs and make your dreams come true.

She fell in love with her second husband

This situation is much more serious than all the previous ones. After all, the already formed family is affected here. The reasons may be the same as described above. But the actions are somewhat different. After all, you can not just take and go to one or throw both.

Here it is important to remember that the family is already serious and it would be wrong to solve all the difficulties by divorce. Yes, a man has flaws and you already see them in full, but you are far from an angel. You just need to learn to adapt to each other and not allow yourself to compare a man with anyone else.

After all, you can compare continuously, and even if you go to one, then you can already compare it with someone else and the process will be endless. It is better to remember that if you chose a life partner, then you loved him for something and now it is important to support these feelings, rather than looking around and not chasing the crane, because the tit is already there (in the sense of him) quite capable of bringing a lot of joy and happiness. You just need to be able to notice and appreciate this happiness.

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